In Nick’s words: the fruits of my labour *insert smiley face*


OBG Week Two!

Our Big Gig Week 2! (and 1.. a little bit… a lot)


Right, I’m going to cheat a bit now because I only managed to do one blog last week about my first week at Our Big Gig and it was completely non-work related and solely concerned my train journey to Bristol. What on earth could you have to say about a 3-hour train journey you ask? Well, you’ll have to read it and see!

So.. week one. I don’t want to say it was a disaster because it wasn’t – but it felt like that at the time. By this I mean to say that I was the disaster. I was surprisingly nervous and in an ideal world* I would have been eased into the job but it was incredibly busy week last week; lots going on, lots to get done and incidentally I walked into a full office and felt incredibly intimidated and inadequate. It had been over a year since I’d been in an office environment and had had to answer the phone and be professional and I absolutely failed.

It felt like judgement day being in this tiny room where everyone could hear everything I was saying on the phone, stumbling over my words. I took several phone calls and forgot to take down the people’s names so that when Katharine asked me who it was I couldn’t tell her – that was the most embarrassing thing ever:


‘Who is it?’

‘…I don’t… know?’


I kid you not; I actually said that. I didn’t mute the call either (really need to find out how to do that.) It didn’t really help that my brain wasn’t at its best. Yep, I’m rolling out the excuses. I’d worked the previous day which was a bank holiday – my darling 6-2 shift – and I’d worked the Thursday, Friday and Saturday before that. Bearing in mind I’d only applied for the job on on the Wednesday, had the phone interview after work on the Thursday and then found out a couple of hours later that I’d got it. What a crazy week! I got home Monday after work and had to pack and prepare everything for the next two days.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining. I love being busy and I was ecstatic I’d got the job but looking back now, a week later, I do think my brain was a bit addled by it all. To think that I’ve only been back from Australia for six weeks! Incredible when you consider how many failed applications I’d sent off before that and how many times I’d been disappointed in the past; then an opportunity comes out of the blue, I apply for it, get it and this all happens after being back home not even 5 weeks. Life likes to challenge you doesn’t it?

Back to my inefficiencies though.. it was a bit crazy my first day. I had to help out with another project funded through Superact (the company that I work for) called ICMusic. They had a showcasing at Great Escape Festival in Brighton and I needed to call people up and invite them along. This event had nothing to do with Our Big Gig and I was only briefed about it on the day. Essentially I had to promote something I knew nothing about. It’s the kind of task that requires confidence and the ability to sell not only the product but yourself and what you’re representing. It was a tad daunting as a first task on my first day. At the time all I could think of was this one person I used to know who would have taken it completely in their stride, winged it, and delivered it to infuriating perfection; this being the complete opposite of what I did. All I could think was how rubbish I was and how much better this person would be than me and how they should be doing my job instead. How it plagues me! That’s what know-it-alls do to you – you know the ones? People that are brilliant at everything but you can’t hate them for it because they work really hard, but you do hate them for it because they still unintentionally manage to insult you and rub in your face by subjectively but impartially talking about it all the time. Damn those unintentional braggarts.

I felt like I’d done so badly that first day, I was convinced they were going to fire me. I was sure of it; but I couldn’t regret any of it and do you know why? Because it was best learning experience I could have had and completely set me up for the remainder of the internship (assuming I wasn’t getting fired). It’s not pleasant getting thrown in the deep end, truly it’s not, but it’s the best way to learn.

Today, my fourth day, I answered the phone and instinctively caught the name of the lady who was speaking – despite how quickly she said it – and had it written down before she’d repeated it half a minute later. Hell I could have got away with not even writing it down at all! Small feat to some maybe, but compared to my first day when my treatment of the phone was similar to that of a hot iron, it was a vast improvement!

Not that I want you to think I’m completely useless. As always I keep my blogs as candid, humorous and melodramatic as possible, and therefore would hate for you to confuse self-deprecation with futility. They wouldn’t have employed me if that was the case. Put under pressure on my first day I definitely didn’t rise to the challenge as well as I would have liked, however there’s a light at the end of the phone-phobic tunnel. When I got to the hostel Tuesday evening and had time to reflect on the day, I knew with absolute certainty that I would never forget to take down someone’s name ever again….

Learning the hard way is sometimes the best way.

The second day was a lot less hectic. I had my OBG training with a lovely lady called Lorato who instilled me with confidence. She understood the difficulty of my situation and the commitment involved – commuting in from Cornwall to Bristol every week, juggling two jobs – and was very sympathetic and simultaneously encouraging. She told me the same thing everyone tells you. Don’t give up, keep going, you’re on the right track. For once though, I finally feel like I am.

It’s sooo cliché I know, but I really have learnt so much already. Skills which will prove to be invaluable later on, I’m certain of it; and so we move onto the reflection section.

REFLECTION SECTION Part 1 (<—- there it is)


Firstly, the skills I gained and why they’re positive:


  • I CAN answer professional phone calls and take messages on behalf of other team/staff members
  • I CAN promote events (at a moment’s notice!)
  • I CAN work from Google spreadsheets, input new information and process existing information
  • I CAN work under pressure
  • I CAN liaise with clients and organisers


I’m only contracted to work 10 hours a week but offered to assist my co-worker Lucy on the morning of my second day because she needed a helping hand with some jobs in the office and everyone else was away on business. After a good night’s rest I already felt a lot better about things and was significantly uplifted having chatting to Lucy as well, who was really supportive and sympathetic towards my message-taking failure. Thank goodness for the nice people in this world. The whole point of this internship is to learn new things and to build on my existing skills – something that I keep forgetting.

I need to get things done but I’m not expected to be a whizz at everything – otherwise it wouldn’t be an internship. I always put so much pressure on myself that I forget this. It’s a good thing, but sometimes you just need to relax and remember that it’s OK to make mistakes. Just don’t make any big ones.. !

Onto Reflection Section Part 2 which takes note of..

Things to improve on:


  • confidence in the workplace; be assertive in your work and have belief in yourself
  • absorbing and processing information quickly


And fiiiiiiiiinally we move onto WEEK TWO!!

I’m feeling good this week. The sun has been shining all day, I got some free vinyl and I feel like I’ve learned a lot the past couple of days which makes my brain both hurt and feel happy at the same time.

Day One consisted of a lot of tweeting. Now.. tweeting is something I’m not apt to do. The problem is this: the word count is too small. I am not a woman of few words, as you can tell by my blog posts, texts and daily dialogue … Twitter wasn’t built for ramblers and so I struggle with it. Problem number two: hashtags, trending and #blah. I only now, after yesterday, completely understand the difference between a hashtag (#) and the at symbol (@). I know that sounds stupid and it makes me sound like a technophobic old woman but Twitter confuses me. It’s not that I can’t use it; I’ve been using it more often than late due to a disengagement with Facebook, but it’s never been my preferred social network of choice because it’s too much effort doing the hashtag thing and 40-whatever characters isn’t enough!

I was presented with exactly this problem today and yesterday whilst I was tweeting for Spacehive on behalf of Our Big Gig. I needed to come up with fun, inventive tweets promoting different community’s and their individual Big Gig events via Spacehive – love it, a chance to be creative – however it was harder and more complicated than I anticipated. Within a 40 character limit I had to think of an interesting tweet whilst compensating for the fact that I’d lose 20 characters on the link to their url, whilst also making sure I got in the location of each event i.e @OurBigGig Wyre Forest, which is fine if it’s in Totnes (six characters FTW) but not if it’s in said Wyre Forest. I also needed to try and include local businesses or media into the tweet and if at all possible, other relating trending topics.

Let’s just say it took a lot longer than I expected.

I also got to use an internet program called hootsuite for the first time. It allows you to schedule your tweets so that you publish them at intervals over a specific time period; for example I was scheduling three tweets a day over the next 7 days. One in the morning, afternoon and evening. This allows you to promote an event without having to log onto Twitter and write a post two or three times a day. Hootsuite also allows you to shrink urls so that they don’t take up so many characters, which was very much needed in my case!

Day Two I had to edit my tweets because in my haste to be creative I’d spent too much time thinking of what to write for each tweet and hadn’t put enough links to other people in there – or the places themselves. If you don’t tag the people you’re talking about then they won’t see the tweet unless they actually go onto the page where you’ve published them. My oh my this tweeting business is complicated. In retrospect what I should have done was put in and shrink the url to their page, tagged in the Big Gig event/location that the tweet was about, added in any other links and then used whatever characters I had left to come up with an interesting tweet. The powers of deduction.. sort of.

Because I didn’t do this I had to go back to the Tweets I’d written and attempt to shorten them so I could fit the links in, which was very hard, mostly because I liked what I’d come up with for each event too much to want to shorten it.

My second task that day was updating the Big Gig map on the website! This task makes your eyes hurt. The interactive OBG map enables you to wave your mouse over a map of the UK and see each OBG event appear in its set location in each region. You can then click on the event and an information page comes up detailing what the event is, where it is and who’s playing/what you can expect to see if you attend. We take for granted, as internet users, how much time and energy goes into producing web pages like this. I say this because my job that day was to update it. It was quite simple really; I took information out of a Google doc spreadsheet and used it to fill in the required boxes. This included the name of the event, where it was being held, the duration and the exact location ect. All of this had to be put into separate boxes however, it wasn’t a copy and paste job, and some of the information from the Google spreadsheet was sparse or incorrect. It was quite a fiddly task and surprisingly time-consuming; partly due to the fact that a lot of the information was missing. At one point I timed myself thinking each event would take me a max of five minutes to fill in but it was more like fifteen! I do think I worried too much about the content of the event descriptions though – and consequently spent too much time correcting and editing this information. Each event organiser had to write a bit about what kind of music will be played at their event and/or what activities will be going on for the website. Let’s just say the English student in me couldn’t help but correct and alter the grammar and sentence structure of some of what was written.

I managed to get ten events done by the time I left the office but I felt like I should have completed a lot more. Our Big Gig is happening in just over 5 weeks and so the website needs to be updated and quickly as possible.



The skills I gained:


  • I CAN use hootsuite to schedule Tweets for designated sites
  • I CAN use social media effectively to promote and publicise events
  • I CAN create and update interactive online content for websites using


What I can improve on:


  • when writing promotional Tweets always put the links and tags in first and use whatever characters you have left to be creative; this saves time and energy
  • fill in the information you have available to you first and worry about the details later – no matter how grammatically incorrect they are. There’s a time and a place to be a perfectionist.


And so ends Week Two, which I thoroughly enjoyed and overall didn’t suck too much at. Week Three won’t be as long. I promise..

Our Big Gig and my Big Internship: Day One!

Part 1:

It’s 09.43 am and so far I have spent the first hour of my train journey trying to dry out my plastic bag from where my water bottle leaked, tethered my phone to my laptop to use the internet only to find out that if you’re with Giffgaff apparently you’re not allowed to do this (resulting in my being blocked from using the internet for half an hour) and also randomly, but productively, sewed up the button that popped off on my top when I took it off before I left the house this morning. Yes I do just happen to have a miniature sewing kit to hand.


You could never accuse my train journeys of being boring.

Three hours on a train for some people might be tiresome, frustrating and certainly uneventful but for me it’s just another three hours to attempt to doing multiple things at once, failing miserably and consequently stressing myself out for no apparent reason.

A very large part of me would like to spend the three hours reading and doing absolutely nothing else, but that would make me feel guilty. I mean, I could be updating my LinkedIn page or I could be writing. I could be devising a strategy on how to create an actual real-life Ever Lasting Gobstopper.

Sometimes you wish you could just tell your brain to shut up don’t you??

One thing I would like to do though is upload a post, or a couple of posts each week documenting my Big Gig internship and the things I’m learning throughout the course of its duration. I start today and this the reason why I’m currently on the train from Cornwall to Bristol.

There are several things to be noted as I embark on this journey. Firstly, I like travelling on trains, especially in the quiet carriage. It’s been an awfully long time since I train traveled due to my being in Australia the last year (they don’t really do trains out there) and I have missed it. I can read in peace without interruption. I can stare out of the window daydreaming for hours and no-one even questions it. If I need a five-minute break from my book I can go to the buffet cart and get a drink, sighing wistfully whilst I contemplate how grown-up and important I feel, sipping on my coffee in my smart all-buttons-intact blouse. I have a plug socket next to my foot which is just marvelous – honestly after backpacking plug sockets are like some kind of sacred deity – enabling me to charge every device on my person and watch as many films as I want without the dreaded ‘battery low’ sign popping up and threatening to ruin the ending by preventing me from actually seeing it. And the one big benefit about travelling all the way in from Cornwall is that when I get on the train it is practically empty. I have lots of choice in seating and I can eat, do my make-up and snore if I want to without feeling awkward because there are people sat around me who are definitely watching my every move and listening to every mastication sound I make.

When I was told I’d got the internship I knew I was going to have to be very organised. Some might laugh at me saying that but honestly, when the time comes I don’t muck about, I go all out. In fact I’m so organised I pack everything thrice. I have 3 pairs of pajama bottoms in my bag right now… I was paranoid I hadn’t packed a pair and I couldn’t find the ones I’d set aside (logic should have told me that’s because they were already in my bag). I didn’t want to root through everything so I just packed another pair. I took all of my clothes out just now and found three in there. I hate not having my home comforts with me you see, or the things that I deem to be important (such as my eyebrow pencil). It worries me so much, the thought of not having something I might need, that I pack duplicate items. The fact is I could have just slept in my tights, or without anything at all, but I’m very overzealous when it comes to being prepared.

Despite this I still manage to forget vital things. My importance ratings of personal objects don’t really correlate with most normal human beings, to my detriment. I had everything from tissues to a miniature bottle of dry shampoo packed for today, all of which was done the night before, and yet I almost left the house without taking a spare pair of pants with me. My defence of this could only be that people can’t see dirty pants. God forbid I should be seen with dirty hair!!

Seeing as I’m in Bristol overnight as well, and I’m on a bit of a budget, I have also segregated and prepared the best part of 3 meals to take with me. The stack of tupperware you see before you isn’t even the whole deal. There’s also a packet of Cheddar biscuits in my bag, a satsuma and some crisps. Oh and a banana. I think..?


Inside those containers from top to bottom are grapes, raspberries and blueberries. A rocket and spinach salad with cheese, ham, croutons and a miniature bottle of balsamic. A ham sandwich made with Tiger bread, peppers, cucumber and more spinach, a Twirl bar, yoghurt coated strawberries, a pear and a sachet of cuppa soup. I must have spent an hour preparing it all last night.

Now that is something Jamie Oliver would be proud of. Perhaps if anything should be made note of at all its the fact that the lids are purple. You could stick anything in there and no-body could argue with it. Despite all these gourmet plastic encased dinners though, honestly all I want right now is a huge vanilla latte. At the end of the day I would still fail you Jamie. When I’m tired all I ever want is caffeine and sugar. Food doesn’t really appeal to me all that much.

And would you look at that. Two hours gone and I’ve successfully read nothing. I also appear to have mislaid my Vaseline hand cream which I desperately need because I have super glue stuck to my fingers and they feel all dry and horrible (operation ‘fix necklace’ didn’t quite go to plan this morning. I told you my priorities were awry). Time to head off.