My blog:

An amalgamation of thoughts, ideas, interests, passions, musings, moanings and creative writings all in one spiffing location.

I am a self-professed culture vulture and am passionate about many different things; film, music, art, fashion, travel, literature, the Moomins.. and rather than separate all these topics into specific blogs (and attempt to give them equal amounts of attention) it seemed more pragmatic to just have one blog with limitless categories where I can write about whatever, whenever. This means that you will be able to find anything from poetry to album reviews to shoes on these pages. Lucky you.

This blog started out as a course requirement documenting my journey as a trainee broadcast journalist, however after finishing my Masters I endeavoured to keep up with it as it wasn’t long after creating this cyber thought bubble that I realised how much I enjoy writing and had missed it since finishing my undergrad in English Literature. Since then writing has become somewhat of a necessity; and I’m not embarrassed to admit more often than not a therapeutic pathway out of insanity.

It’s quite simple really; I cannot help but write. My brain compels me to do it.

And now that I’ve got the completely unnecessary explanation of my blog out of the way, onto the more important stuff.

About Me:

My name is Laura Elizabeth Feltham, though I prefer Lizzie. I have a BA Honours in English Literature with Media Arts and a Masters in Multimedia Broadcast Journalism.

I love writing and try to transfer my thoughts into the written word as often as possible. This can be hard as I always seem to be in the shower when my best monologues occur. No-one knows it but I do a lot of thinking in the bathroom. I also struggle to write due to my nomadic tendencies; my other big passion in life along with music and fashion is travelling.

I’m very adventurous and love meeting new people and experiencing new countries and cultures. Two years ago I got back from Australia where I spent 12 months working and travelling, enjoying a brief stop over in Hong Kong (Here you will find my travel blog… I had a little fraternisation with the enemy!)

I am now currently teaching English as a foreign language at a school in Lopburi, Thailand.

My career is one that I would like to lead into print and/or digital media and I have no especial preference as to which country I do this in. Actually that’s a lie..

A warm one?

My blog, though attempting to show a sense of professionalism and good command of the English Language, is an extension of my personality and character and therefore candid, sarcastic and full of colloquialisms. Hopefully this doesn’t offend or dim your view of me.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. A pint of beer is all I need. If you give me your email address I’ll-send it to you. Incidentally I showed Susy (the wife) your blog and she thought you wrote very well. She should know as she teaches creative writing…..P, x

    • I’m flattered 🙂 I enjoy writing a lot. In fact I find it very hard to write very little, whether it’s a blog post or a text.

      A pint of beer it is. I’m really looking forward to Port Eliot! I hope the weather’s good. I was thinking about your shed last night actually. I was having a moment of escapism in my room listening to Sintra’s One for my Baby and thought, this would be even better in a shed.

      That’s one thing I never thought I’d aspire to own. xx

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