*warning: sentimental Lizzie alert

I have spent the ENTIRE day doing my GoThinkBig application (fingers crossed) and listening to music. As tiresome as applications are and as much as it sucked being trapped indoors on such a nice day – my God my room is so stuffy! – I am SO happy to have gotten back into my music bubble. Lately I just haven’t listened to any new music – I’ve been so distracted by life and work and life and other dilemmas that I haven’t listened to anything outside of my running playlist. I have listened to so much new music today and now have a mammoth list of stuff to add to my music catalogue – and it may sound weird or sad to you, but finding new music that resonates with me, that strikes a chord; that evokes emotions be they sad, angry or uplifting, that makes me want to dance or sing, or cry, well.. it just makes me so happy!

Even at my lowest points when I’ve felt completely alone, worthless or like I’ve got nothing going for me I’ve always had my music to comfort me.

I don’t need comforting right now but perhaps I did need a little lift. Something to remind me why I keep applying for all these work experience placements, why I keep soldiering on with the media related dreams – because music is my absolute passion. It takes me to places that my feet can’t. It fuels my imagination and I possibly love it more than Lionel my fluffy dog (don’t tell him that).