In Nick’s words: the fruits of my labour *insert smiley face*


Devon’s answer to Glastonbury; with surfers instead of hippies!

New Devonshire festival Somersault kicks off in 10 days with Jack Johnson and Ben Howard preparing to headline the South West’s idyllic new outdoor¬†music celebration.

It boasts a gypsy tea party, fashion show, ‘long table feast‘¬†and has Hawaiian superstar Jack Johnson and two time Brit Award winner Ben Howard breaking in its inaugural year. Oh also it’s being held here..

To the Manor Born anyone?

I spotted a billboard for this at Plymouth train station last week; it’s a pretty sweet line-up for its first year. It’s such a shame it’s so soon after Glastonbury as I just can’t warrant the expenditure (particularly as I’ve already committed myself to Boardmasters next month – too many festivals too little funds!)

Ben Howard is headlining on Sunday which I’ve no doubt will be spectacular – I must see that chap play live soon – and I’ve also spotted a couple of my other lesser known faves; Ms. Misty Miller and Saturday Sun. It credits itself as being a festival for people interested in ‘crafts, culture and fireside festivities‘ and certainly looks as though it would be something I would consider going to in the future. It looks as if it has all the promise of a being a great back-up Glastonbury festival (those tickets are never guaranteed after all). If anything there’ll probably be loads of fit surfer dudes there to swoon over.

Loving the artwork as well.

‘Turn on the Bright Lights’ and ‘See How I Stun’: what to expect from Interpol’s El Pintor?

I recently got back from Glastonbury festival where my love for Interpol was rekindled. I’d already seen them play live a few times and so was looking forward – rather than being overly excited about seeing them again. I was the only one in our group who was a fan and they clashed with a band that my cohorts were going to see so I went alone.

If there was ever a band that it was OK to go to solo it would be Interpol. Introspective, melancholic and never a showy or chatty band, rather a self-contained one, they don’t demand big crowd interactions so you can quite happily sway along and go mostly unnoticed. Though with tracks such as Evil – ‘Rosemaaaaryyy’ – there is of course an obligatory sing-along!

Pretty much 10 minutes in I felt bad for thinking that they would be anything less than amazing and a pleasure to watch. Maybe it was the beautiful camera shots of Daniel Kessler bent over his guitar in front of the setting sun, Paul Banks’s almost painfully earnest face or their immaculate suits, but they rocked Glastonbury. Everyone in the crowd around me was loving it which made it ten times more enjoyable. I can’t say the same about the crowd at Reading the last time I’d seen them; what a lacklustre bunch. I had the same experience there with Arcade Fire. The crowd that I was surrounded by for their headline slot at Glasonbury was infinitely better than the one during their Reading headline. My God.. I was right at the very front for that as well – literally next to the barrier and hardly anyone was singing along, everyone just stood and watched, they didn’t even clap. At Glastonbury everyone started singing to the tune of their last song, Rebellion (Lies), even after they left the stage whilst we were all walking away from the Pyramid stage. It’s special moments like that that make the festival experience – people you’ve never met before, strangers all around you in their thousands united, singing along together to a song they all know and love. In what other circumstance or occasion would you ever be able to do something like that? There’s a lot to be said for Glastonbury goers. They kick the asses of every other festival frequenter.

Back to Interpol though (I really need to do a separate Glasto blog), they played a few songs that I didn’t recognise and I wondered if I’d bypassed a new album release – it would make sense them being there had they released some new material. As it happens they hadn’t – but I wasn’t far off.

I stumbled across this about half an hour ago – woohoo new Interpol album! El Pinator. I like the sound of it. I also just realised looking at the album cover again that that was the image on their banner on the stage at Glastonbury! Slow on the uptake there..

Sadly I have to wait til September for this one, but hey that’s not too far away. Their sultry tones are perfectly timed for the end of Summer and the inevitable start-of-Winter blues! I just love to wallow.