Our Big Gig Week 3

Somehow I’ve already reached the end of week three. Not sure how that happened but it happened nonetheless. I feel like commuting up every week has become the norm now and despite getting roped into working an extra shift at my other job and having just one day off again (and getting into bed at 4am on said day off) I feel a lot more relaxed and less tired than last time. I say this now, I’m sure 5am tomorrow morning (9 hours time) I won’t be feeling so groovy! It’s 8pm and I’m still on the train home!

This week I was given the opportunity to improve on the objectives I set out for myself last week which was good; I think I succeeded. I got to do more tweeting and more interactive map work and this time, when creating my tweets, I put in the links and urls first and wrote the content around those, which was definitely a better method and enabled me to produce tweets a lot faster.

The biggest challenge and time-consuming element of the map is definitely the locations. I honestly have no idea what the human race did before Google maps existed – though sometimes it can be more of a hindrance than a help. Only last week I was walking back and forth looking for a shop in Cabot Circus – via Google maps – and it turned out it’s not even there any more. I ended up having to ring them up because I ordered something to collect in store, only to find out they’re in a different bloody location and not only that but they moved 5 years ago. Seriously Google! Sort it out.

Anyway, addresses can be tricky and often locating the exact address of the Our Big Gig events requires a bit of trial and error. Either the address you input into Google isn’t quite right and Google corrects you, which is fine, or the location that Google pinpoints from the address you’ve provided isn’t quite right and needs to be manually altered.

It would help if my geography was better, but it’s terrible.

The best thing about this job is getting to see all the different events that are happening around the country and what people have planned. Our Big Gig in Bedford is having a self-professed mini Glasto including cocktails, ….. . It looks fab! It makes me think that it’s a shame there isn’t something similar happening near me. We have the perfect environment and surroundings for something like that. There is a Big Gig happening in St Ives though. ‘Ansome me lovers! Pasties on tap I’ll bet.

This week I also touched lots of pink plastic. Plastic parcel bags that is! Katharine and I were in the basement (spooky) packing up ‘Big Gig’ banners to send out to event organisers all around the country. There’s something about packing things up that feels very satisfying – it’s like wrapping presents for people but without the ribbons and bows. Though having to pack up 150 of them did mean being less particular than usual about presentation. In fact slap dash comes to mind. I had to ditch my usual perfectionist packing ways for this task. The sheet of address stickers I picked up included many of the events I’d uploaded onto the map which was cool and somehow made me feel emotionally involved. You know.. because I’d been on their Facebook pages and everything.


The skills I gained:

I CAN survive in a basement
I CAN tweet like a boss (too far?)

I know these blogs are supposed to be work-related, which is why I’ve stuck this at the bottom, but I can’t finish this blog without adding that I had a bubble tea today; IN THE UK! I also educated Katherine and Nick on what bubble tea is because they’d never heard of it before. Woohoo spreading the word! It’s like Crabbies all over again (honestly I should have been a Crabbies rep). Bubble tea is something I was introduced to in Australia and was invented in China (I think) but really caught on in Taiwan. When described to you it sounds horrible, but it’s really delicious. It’s cold and you can get either fruit or milk tea. As soon as I got home I Googled the nearest bubble tea shop (sad I know) and guess what cropped up? A place called CUPP in Bristol Cabot Circus! This is what I love about Bristol; it has just as much to offer as London but without the tube and crazy commuting lifestyle (says me during my 3-hour train commute.)

I also made a friend in the bagel shop today over the road called Ti and met his wife Claire and their son who is super cute! They were soo friendly and lovely and were giving me tips on work opportunities in Bristol. This is why independent cafes and eateries are sometimes so much better than chain stores.

It is great being in Bristol 🙂


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