Days and Nights

I first heard of Daley when he performed on Alan Carr with Jessie J for his single Remember Me. His soulful voice and amazing ginger hair immediately caught my attention. It’s still one of my favourite songs and going to listen to it again I discovered that he’s only gone and brought a new album out!

It’s really quite good – to the point that I’ve had it on repeat all day yesterday and today.

It’s definitely an improvement on his debut which was good, but nowhere near as addictive or containing as many stand out songs as this one, which isn’t surprising considering that collaborations include the infallible Pharrell Williams among others.

I also realised that track 9, Broken, either has a very familiar sound to it or I’ve heard it before somewhere – most likely on an advert. It has the right chorus for it; very catchy and anthemic. The combination of the crescendo building drum beat, violins and backing chorus bring the song to a perfect climax and warrant its status as a single release. You’ll find yourself unwittingly humming it for hours afterwards.

The more I listen to it in fact the more I think there’s something very Emile Sandé about this track. Both artists combine a perfect infusion of RnB with soul empowered vocals and the drum beat featured on this is the same one that opens up Sande’s track Heaven (great song as well). If you’re a Sandé fan I think you’d like this.

Other stand out tracks include Love and Affection, Look Up, Alone Together and She Fades.

Mr Daley is definitely someone I’d love to see live. Such a wonderful vocalist and the new material is great. I say new.. can you call 6 months old new?! I’m still playing catch-up from my year away from the UK. What a shame he’s not playing Glasto.

Here’s just one of his many sensational acoustic renditions of Broken (this guy is incapable of giving a bad performance).

I told you the hair was amazing.


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