Our Big Gig and my Big Internship: Day One!

Part 1:

It’s 09.43 am and so far I have spent the first hour of my train journey trying to dry out my plastic bag from where my water bottle leaked, tethered my phone to my laptop to use the internet only to find out that if you’re with Giffgaff apparently you’re not allowed to do this (resulting in my being blocked from using the internet for half an hour) and also randomly, but productively, sewed up the button that popped off on my top when I took it off before I left the house this morning. Yes I do just happen to have a miniature sewing kit to hand.


You could never accuse my train journeys of being boring.

Three hours on a train for some people might be tiresome, frustrating and certainly uneventful but for me it’s just another three hours to attempt to doing multiple things at once, failing miserably and consequently stressing myself out for no apparent reason.

A very large part of me would like to spend the three hours reading and doing absolutely nothing else, but that would make me feel guilty. I mean, I could be updating my LinkedIn page or I could be writing. I could be devising a strategy on how to create an actual real-life Ever Lasting Gobstopper.

Sometimes you wish you could just tell your brain to shut up don’t you??

One thing I would like to do though is upload a post, or a couple of posts each week documenting my Big Gig internship and the things I’m learning throughout the course of its duration. I start today and this the reason why I’m currently on the train from Cornwall to Bristol.

There are several things to be noted as I embark on this journey. Firstly, I like travelling on trains, especially in the quiet carriage. It’s been an awfully long time since I train traveled due to my being in Australia the last year (they don’t really do trains out there) and I have missed it. I can read in peace without interruption. I can stare out of the window daydreaming for hours and no-one even questions it. If I need a five-minute break from my book I can go to the buffet cart and get a drink, sighing wistfully whilst I contemplate how grown-up and important I feel, sipping on my coffee in my smart all-buttons-intact blouse. I have a plug socket next to my foot which is just marvelous – honestly after backpacking plug sockets are like some kind of sacred deity – enabling me to charge every device on my person and watch as many films as I want without the dreaded ‘battery low’ sign popping up and threatening to ruin the ending by preventing me from actually seeing it. And the one big benefit about travelling all the way in from Cornwall is that when I get on the train it is practically empty. I have lots of choice in seating and I can eat, do my make-up and snore if I want to without feeling awkward because there are people sat around me who are definitely watching my every move and listening to every mastication sound I make.

When I was told I’d got the internship I knew I was going to have to be very organised. Some might laugh at me saying that but honestly, when the time comes I don’t muck about, I go all out. In fact I’m so organised I pack everything thrice. I have 3 pairs of pajama bottoms in my bag right now… I was paranoid I hadn’t packed a pair and I couldn’t find the ones I’d set aside (logic should have told me that’s because they were already in my bag). I didn’t want to root through everything so I just packed another pair. I took all of my clothes out just now and found three in there. I hate not having my home comforts with me you see, or the things that I deem to be important (such as my eyebrow pencil). It worries me so much, the thought of not having something I might need, that I pack duplicate items. The fact is I could have just slept in my tights, or without anything at all, but I’m very overzealous when it comes to being prepared.

Despite this I still manage to forget vital things. My importance ratings of personal objects don’t really correlate with most normal human beings, to my detriment. I had everything from tissues to a miniature bottle of dry shampoo packed for today, all of which was done the night before, and yet I almost left the house without taking a spare pair of pants with me. My defence of this could only be that people can’t see dirty pants. God forbid I should be seen with dirty hair!!

Seeing as I’m in Bristol overnight as well, and I’m on a bit of a budget, I have also segregated and prepared the best part of 3 meals to take with me. The stack of tupperware you see before you isn’t even the whole deal. There’s also a packet of Cheddar biscuits in my bag, a satsuma and some crisps. Oh and a banana. I think..?


Inside those containers from top to bottom are grapes, raspberries and blueberries. A rocket and spinach salad with cheese, ham, croutons and a miniature bottle of balsamic. A ham sandwich made with Tiger bread, peppers, cucumber and more spinach, a Twirl bar, yoghurt coated strawberries, a pear and a sachet of cuppa soup. I must have spent an hour preparing it all last night.

Now that is something Jamie Oliver would be proud of. Perhaps if anything should be made note of at all its the fact that the lids are purple. You could stick anything in there and no-body could argue with it. Despite all these gourmet plastic encased dinners though, honestly all I want right now is a huge vanilla latte. At the end of the day I would still fail you Jamie. When I’m tired all I ever want is caffeine and sugar. Food doesn’t really appeal to me all that much.

And would you look at that. Two hours gone and I’ve successfully read nothing. I also appear to have mislaid my Vaseline hand cream which I desperately need because I have super glue stuck to my fingers and they feel all dry and horrible (operation ‘fix necklace’ didn’t quite go to plan this morning. I told you my priorities were awry). Time to head off.


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