Ones to watch: 2013

Two words:  Tom Odell.

Two more words: is awesome.

Late last night whilst listening to Xfm waiting for Everything Everything’s ‘Xposure’ to come on (a track by track summary of the band’s new album) I happened to catch half of what I now know to be Can’t Pretend. I liked it as soon as I heard it.

The DJ never announced  who it was on the radio but luckily for me, I was listening through my laptop and a little icon informed me it was a Mr. Tom Odell. I’d never heard of him. I immediately went to Spotify to investigate!


Turns out, he’s just won the Brits Critics Choice Award of 2013, and listening to his EP and live performances on YouTube it’s really not surprising to see, or hear I should say, why.

I’m a sucker for piano and great vocals and Tom does both. His performances are so intense and his voice effortless and emotive; it immediately cries out to my melancholic, emotional, wallowing propensities. My musical misery worshipping aside, his songs really are beautiful and when he sings it is so heartfelt, I found myself gripped. I am also drawn to this guy because I quickly realise that I enjoy listening to his songs more via his live performances on YouTube than his EP (which I have already purchased for a ridiculous £1.49*). Any song by a good band or artist is more enjoyable live than the studio produced record, and when that happens to be the case I become very excited and have only one thing on my mind.

I was on the verge of becoming seriously indignant when I discovered that his Jools Holland live performance, posted on his website no less, is for some reason unavailable. Even more so that I missed it in the first place; Jools Holland is a brilliant source for new music.

His album is already available for pre-order, however there is no date set yet. By the time it’s released though I expect he will be a big name in the making, in fact it would be fair to state that he already is.

He’s got some tour dates lined up over the coming months, sadly the nearest one to me is 3 hours away, however I’m sure there will be plenty more opportunities to see him in coming future. I have a feeling he’ll be sticking around..

Check out these videos if you don’t believe me.


*Tom’s 4-track EP is available to buy through iTunes,, HMV (RIP) and Amazon – the latter being the cheapest. If however, you’d like to sample some Odell freebies first, two of his demos are available to download for free here or you can check him out on Spotify!


The super glue

The super glue had a temporary home, but a home indeed,
a place that was known.
It left the Tescos and was carried by bag, to my dear household
upon which my Dad,

deposited it thus into a ceramic bowl, and there it was left
in a place that was known.


The super glue’s habitat was conspicuous, visible; it’s constant presence
remained to be physical.
It lay in its dish, separated, alone, but for some spare change
in a place that was known.

On the coffee table, before the TV, each time I walked by the tube I would see.
Contemplation of moving it was often aroused,
but why move an object so conveniently housed?

No doubt, once in a ‘safer’ place,
that glue would become completely erased;
sucked up by the house monster – that sadistic machine –
always looking to cause havoc, never to clean.

The super glue’s purpose was always intended –
a selection of jewellery needing to be mended.
But busy with shifts that went on and on,
the super glue was left in the place that was known.

So poised was that glue in his ceramic seat,
his resistance to removal was a remarkable feat.
For days he had sat, untouched and unharmed,
not just by the house sucker, but those infallible palms..

those hands with the effectiveness of a moving lorry,
the shoe shifter, object lifter in a domestic quarry.
The female magician with cumbersome powers,
capable of instigating hunts that last hours..

A task maker who frequently takes and replaces,
whilst each time leaving absolutely no traces.


No chance for intervention, the super glue’s gone,
without even a mention.
A search is futile; it’s existence no more.
For though still tangible, it will forever be sought…

To no prevail.

Once taken away, the Mother’s hands will lead it astray.
A fit-to-burst drawer, a lonely crevice, a random box;
who could guess the premises?

Once out of sight, it becomes the prey of the house monster –
its fate sealed away.

The horror to see that dish lay bare without the solvent residing there.
It’s purpose defunct, it’s location unknown.
For hands that re-house don’t take addresses down.

Lost and untraceable we find that once more
duplicate purchases are required to restore
voices to normal decibels.
As normal as can be in a high-pitched household..

By God is this routine getting old.

So naive to think I’d complete my task, without a hitch
What an ass.
As swift as a dove, as quick as a flash my belongings are gone
and will never come back.

My super glue had a temporary home, but a home it was,
a place that was known.
But temporary homes are never safe, nor any square inch of my house in this case..