this is what Sundays were made for..

It’s been a tough end to the week, I’ve been a bit miserable (thanks to a little company called ASDA) and I can’t say I’m ecstatic about the prospect of spending my day off filling out application forms.

This Friday at work I wanted to shoot myself in the face and so today I’ve set myself the task of applying for jobs. At least I can do it whilst listening to some nice tunes that I have personally selected – yeah suck on that ASDA fm.

I’ve been watching Sunday Brunch this morning (love Sunday Brunch) and since moving to Channel 4 they’ve introduced the Sunday Brunch playlist – snippets of tracks before and after the adverts. At first I thought the idea was lame, but actually, I’ve changed my mind.

This morning they played a track by Jessie Ware – Mercury nominated artist – who I’m already familiar with and a fan of. I Spotified her to listen to my favourite track, Running, and noticed she’d done a collaboration with SBTRKT in 2011. Curiosity killed the cat and I gave it a listen, then I Spotified SBTRKT, gave the album the track had come off a listen and wham bam – me likey likey.

I’m really into chill out music at the moment; I think I need it in my life! Jessie Ware’s Devotion is great easy listening: it’s soulful, melodic, very rhythmic and relaxing. It’s great ‘making-out’ music. That’s so American isn’t it… pashing music would be my own take on it – I love the word pash/pashing/pash-attack/pasharoni/pasharoo/pash-pash/pashwari naan.

Snogging music just sounds common.

SBTRKT, aka Aaron Jerome, is a sort of blend of dubstep, techno and soul; again quite chill out. He relies on other artists to do the singing and Sampha feature heavily on the self-titled album. Anyway I think it’s pretty good stuff.

Aside from this discovery Sunday Brunch played a track called The Look by Metronomy. The guest actress on the programme who selected it professed her love for the band and I have to admit, I was instantly drawn to this one. Take the song apart and it’s so simple – relying on two, two note chords played on a synthesiser. I’ve heard of Metronomy before somewhere but never listened to them, however upon discovering that NME have hand-picked their album The English Riviera as being the second-best album of 2011, I had to investigate. Listening to it now, it’s really quite good. It’s quite minimalist and the vocals are very raw and candid.

I love finding new music to listen to! So, I’ll be in my room on this sunny day, sighing over my CV and chilling out to beats like these!!

I’m so gangsta.


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