the Lil’ Lozza rap

This post should probably be in the ‘ramblings’ category rather than the music one, but hey, who said I can’t have a viable rap alter ego?

I just posted on Facebook about my Channel 4 work exp application getting through to the next stage and in the momentary excitement my good friend and previous part-time DJ James Brydges suggested I post my rap onto my blog. That’s right … my rap.

‘What’s the background on this?’ I hear you cry! Or is that just Tim Hubbard in a closet somewhere??

James used to DJ on the The Source and one week I was his very special guest. We were preparing for the show (i.e James was eating his lunch and I was being hung over) and it was decided I would make a creative contribution. I have an aptitude for rhyming things; you have no idea how many song lyrics I changed when I was at school and college for comedic purposes.

it’s not unusual to see Leanne in a stress [da na na na naaaaa]
it’s not unusual to see her hair in a meh-esss [da na na naaaa]
she’s always complaining and she’s always looking grim
it’s not unusuaaal to hear her say “I’M NOT THIN!”
I wanna lose weeeight….

Sorry Leanne, but hey, it could have been worse (if I remember correctly, actually, it was..)

So anyway, James and I share a passion for music and I joke about writing a rap and then the joke turns into reality. Not only do we have a Source show with the theme of fashion but I get to do a rap.. was this a dream!? Seeing as my nickname at uni was Loz/Lozza and seeing as I am of average height (which makes me small to most males apparently) I got the name Little Lozza, or as James says: Litt’ull Lozzeer. I tried to write it how he pronounces it.. it’s quite difficult. Imagine it in a Somerset accent which is James’s version of a Cornish accent.

So I wrote a rap about being ‘Little Loz’. I was actually really nervous before I had to do it on air; my heart was pounding! – despite it only being a little community radio station. Conversely though that didn’t stop me from berating my mother’s cooking. Who’d have known she was listening in?

As Little Lozza’s non-alter ego I can see she’s out of control, she thinks she’s S.MOUSE or something.



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