Clean up and crank up the volume!

It’s September, it’s getting darker earlier, it’s getting colder, therefore I’m eating more chocolate (bizarrely my chocolate needs revolve around my body temperature) and generally our complaints about  it not being sunny are losing relevance, because it’s AUTUMN.

I’m a summer person all the way so I’m a bit sad it’s over already and that we didn’t really have any sun.

However it’s okay, because there’s a ton of new music out this month for me to listen and look forward to whilst I fish my knit wear out of the depths of my brothers wardrobe (don’t ask), rig up the playstation for intensive rainy day sessions and find every cake recipe book I own.

There was a long list of highly anticipated albums due out this month and it’s going to take some dedication to work through them all. Although my iPod goes with me everywhere I mostly listen to music in my room – normally whilst tidying or writing.

My to do list seemingly remains static; as soon as something gets ticked off another thing is added, so, in light of this I thought it’d be a grand idea to assign each album to a chore. The dwarves whistled while they worked.. but I’m the modern-day Snow White of the group so I head bang while I dust.



I’m a bit disappointed by this one so far, however I’ve not invested too much time into listening to it yet. Loved their first album and think it’s incredible how far they’ve come in such a short time. I’ll be making sure I give this one the attention it’s due while I’m sorting through the sock drawer.







The Vaccines for me are one of those bands that you’re familiar with and have probably heard on the radio or in shops yet have completely bypassed. You’re aware that they’re hot stuff and that a lot of people like them, but you’ve been too busy shaking your booty around to Beyoncé and fretting over whether it’s sinful to like that Justin Bieber song you keep hearing on the tele. The other day I endeavoured to give their first (and only at the time) album a listen. I liked a few of the songs.. but sometimes you just have to accept that you can’t jump on that band wagon. Just to inform you of the size of this particular band wagon – Come of Age went straight to number 1 in the album chart. So, I’m going to persevere. I mean it took about 100 unintentional listens of Rehab to go from hating it to loving it. Thanks Radio 1.

Now, everyone has a drawer full of stuff don’t they? Mine has my important things in it – cheque book, iPod charger, earphones ect but mingled in with it is a ton of crap. I’ll listen to this while I sort it out and hope that the album doesn’t turn out to be the same as the contents of the drawer!



This task will most likely be arduous and tricky, firstly because I don’t even know how to go about fixing my curtain rail – which is hanging off the wall – and secondly because I am short which makes tasks like this exhausting because they involve lots of stretching and not being able to see what you’re doing. For these reasons I think I will appreciate the dulcet tones and soothing effects of the xx. Really like this band, I only got into them a few months ago but am definitely a fan and have high hopes for their latest album. They’ve promised more of the same with this follow-up saying, ‘It’s developed, but it doesn’t seem like completely a world away … [it’s] a development of where we were before.’ Think the album cover pretty much demonstrates that – as simplistic as the last; the xx to a tee, but I’m happy with that (I can bet you a hundred pounds their third album cover is completely different). Hopefully they’ll calm me down when I’m fighting the curtain rail.



I watched them on Jonathan Ross last night and Brandon Flowers’s voice was as sweet as ever (though by ‘eck he’s looking thin). It’s been longer than I like to comprehend since the last Killers album which, honestly, I wasn’t a great fan of. Nothing for me has ever beaten the brilliance of their first, Hot Fuss. They were a band I was a fan of before anyone knew who they were thanks to Daniel Radcliffe – no seriously, I’m not kidding. Jo Whiley was interviewing him on Radio 1, must have been around a decade ago, and asked him what music he was into to and he said The Killers. So naturally I went off and listened to The Killers (definitely didn’t have a crush). Really like the single Runaways so am hoping the album is more of the same. I’ll need something upbeat to give me the strength to clean my manky windowsill! The album is out September 17th.



OK so it’s not a chore but seriously? Even if I do attempt to do something banal whilst listening to this it’s just going to end up in me air guitaring around my room and deafening my neighbours with my Bellamy-esque shrieking. Best to fuel that energy into something productive eh? I’m so excited about this album, Muse are one of my all-time favourite bands and every album they produce has something different to offer. Though I liked Resistance, including the orchestral pieces, I wished there’d been more actual songs; 8 wasn’t enough! They’ve hinted at a dubstep approach in the new album and I’m already in love with Unsustainable – check it out if you haven’t heard it. Can’t wait for this one, it’s out September 28th.




Cold weather for girls means tights, and frequent tight wear means hassle. Any woman will tell you (and almost certainly make you die of boredom in the process) that storing tights is one of those impossible dreams. When you have 8 different pairs of black tights that all look the same in the drawer but which are all completely different patterns, you know your room is going to end up in a mess. So I googled ‘best tight storage’ yep … I really did, and I’m going to try this (courtesy of wearatwork). Put your various tights into sandwich bags and label them with what’s inside. Ingenious!

We’ll see how long it lasts.

Once again Mumford & Sons are a band that are simply huge and who I’d probably quite like (going on the fact I like Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale and other folky sorts) but woe-is-me I have not made the time to listen to them. The release of their second album reminds me of their existence and that I should really give them a chance. Sorting through tights is a mindless, effortless task that’ll allow me to soak in those banjo-tastic riffs and meaningful lyrics.





They watched Gwen roam around with some incredibly freaky Harijuku girls (can’t even be bothered to spell-check that), did a world tour a few years back, had a good long break and are back with a brand new album. Honestly, the first single released from it isn’t amazing but I’m not writing them off yet. They got their only number one in the UK with ‘Don’t Speak’ in 1997, but with a cult following this album could change that. Even if it doesn’t Gwen can’t complain; she’s a 42-year-old with a body more ripped than mine. This one’s out September 24th.


Other albums out this month include:

  • Bob Dylan – Tempest
  • Gallows – Gallows
  • Band of Horses – Mirage Rock
  • Dinosaur Jr – Bet On Sky (never heard of them but think the name’s cute)
  • We Are The Ocean – Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow and
  • Green Day – ¡Uno! (back to their punk roots apparently)

Loooads of tunes to while away the hours and make those household tasks more enjoyable! Speaking of household tasks, I promised someone that I’d make a cake.

It’s off to the kitchen!! Parents aren’t home so I’ll blast out a bit of Dire Straits I reckon. They’re good to mix to. Cake mix I mean…


When I’m typing baby, I go outta my head: I just can’t blog enough, I just can’t blog enough

I defy you not to like this song, especially with these lyrics..

When I’m typing baby, I go out of my head
I just can’t blog enough, I just can’t blog enough
All the day I type away, it’s really thrilling stuff
I just can’t blog enough, I just can’t blog enough

We copy, paste and we hyperlink
I blog til the point that I can’t think, oh!

I’m always typing, I’m typing as I eat
And I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough
Every time I type some words, I’m Googling as we speak
I just can’t blog enough, I just can’t blog enough

I’m getting better, it’s progressional stuff
And I just can’t seem to write enough oh!

I just can’t blog enough x16

And when it rains, I’m on a bloggin’ spree
I just can’t blog enough, I just can’t blog enough
Just like a rainbow my blog sets my thoughts free
I just can’t blog enough, I just can’t blog enough

WordPress you angel, you give me a page
And I blog like it’s a new found craze OH!

I just can’t blog enough

the Lil’ Lozza rap

This post should probably be in the ‘ramblings’ category rather than the music one, but hey, who said I can’t have a viable rap alter ego?

I just posted on Facebook about my Channel 4 work exp application getting through to the next stage and in the momentary excitement my good friend and previous part-time DJ James Brydges suggested I post my rap onto my blog. That’s right … my rap.

‘What’s the background on this?’ I hear you cry! Or is that just Tim Hubbard in a closet somewhere??

James used to DJ on the The Source and one week I was his very special guest. We were preparing for the show (i.e James was eating his lunch and I was being hung over) and it was decided I would make a creative contribution. I have an aptitude for rhyming things; you have no idea how many song lyrics I changed when I was at school and college for comedic purposes.

it’s not unusual to see Leanne in a stress [da na na na naaaaa]
it’s not unusual to see her hair in a meh-esss [da na na naaaa]
she’s always complaining and she’s always looking grim
it’s not unusuaaal to hear her say “I’M NOT THIN!”
I wanna lose weeeight….

Sorry Leanne, but hey, it could have been worse (if I remember correctly, actually, it was..)

So anyway, James and I share a passion for music and I joke about writing a rap and then the joke turns into reality. Not only do we have a Source show with the theme of fashion but I get to do a rap.. was this a dream!? Seeing as my nickname at uni was Loz/Lozza and seeing as I am of average height (which makes me small to most males apparently) I got the name Little Lozza, or as James says: Litt’ull Lozzeer. I tried to write it how he pronounces it.. it’s quite difficult. Imagine it in a Somerset accent which is James’s version of a Cornish accent.

So I wrote a rap about being ‘Little Loz’. I was actually really nervous before I had to do it on air; my heart was pounding! – despite it only being a little community radio station. Conversely though that didn’t stop me from berating my mother’s cooking. Who’d have known she was listening in?

As Little Lozza’s non-alter ego I can see she’s out of control, she thinks she’s S.MOUSE or something.


Track of the Week


This song perhaps may not to everybody’s taste but I f*!#ing love it!!

Everything Everything premiered a new track from their upcoming album Arc a few days ago and I have been listening to it on repeat ever since.

I’d been wondering when the lads would release some new material and boy, they didn’t disappoint. Cough Cough captures everything I love about this band; from the very first few opening seconds it’s got Everything Everything written all over it.

The band started to gather a rather small and loyal fan base over a couple of years ago. Radio 1 took a liking to them (much as they did with Two Door Cinema Club and look where they ended up) and they got a spot on the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading festival. I was there in 2010 however hadn’t watched the band play, I’d never heard of them. It wasn’t until I was back at home half watching the highlights (think I was trying to read a book at the time) telling mum who I had and hadn’t seen that something made my ears prick up.  Huw Stephens introduced them being broadcast live on Radio 1  and I heard for the very first time an acoustic of My Kz, Ur BF.

And that was that.

I bought their album, though I initially only liked about half of it, obscure as it is, it was quite a grower for me. Months later something clicked and I loved it and listened to it on repeat. Funny how it works out like that sometimes. Same thing happened with the Maccabees who I thought were OK at first, liked a few of their songs (am now of the opinion that their melodies are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard).

Despite being nominated for two Ivor Novello awards  and a remix of their track, My Kz, Ur BF making the limelight in The Inbetweeners Movie they’re still a fairly unknown band. I excitedly whispered in the cinema to my friends ‘they’re playing an Everything Everything song’ which was met with apathy.

One year since watching them play again at Reading ’11, where they’d progressed to the NME tent, Everything Everything have announced the title of their new album Arc and tantalised my taste buds with a brilliant new song. How frustrating for me; the new album isn’t due out till mid January and Cough Cough isn’t available to buy for over a month!! +__+

Will just have to keep increasing those views on YouTube