80s greaties!

Man I love the 80s. Best cartoons, bright mismatched clothing, terrible haircuts, flicks like Gregory’s Girl, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ect.

And not forgetting the joy of 80s music!!

I just discovered my new favourite band Scritti Politti. Yep. Scritti Politti. Do you need me to say it a third time? No? Scritti Politti, there I said it anyway.
It’s bee an age since I went music surfing; it’s amazing the different ways you can discover new music. I was just listening to Absolute Radio and am now a connoisseur of Foreign. I never even knew they did the original Cold As Ice; does that make me a bad person? The version I’m most familiar with is little gem:

 Damn I’m lovin’ that poppin’ bass line.

Anyway I was looking for songs with the word Absolute in them on Spotify (don’t ask) and Scritti Politti came up. Now I’m restraining myself from pulling my headphones out the computer, whacking the volume right up and doing some incredibly awesoooome dancing. When I’m with my friends from home this behaviour would be acceptable, encouraged in fact, but in the presence of others it would warrant a slap.

I shall just have to sit here and contain myself.

Whilst I do so I shall hunt out more 80s tunes.