So today I went to a lil’ bookshop to find myself a lil interview.

It was very good, but the thing was that it was really short and lil.’

Oh no!

Still, after that I had some things to buy in town. I bought a bag of potatos and an ice cream.

The interview was very good, and she said some cool things about books. Nobody buys books as much as they used to which is really bad coz I like books and I’ll be sad when they’re all gone.

By James Brydges

(just to clarify I, Laura Feltham, have allowed the publication of this blog. I hope you, dear reader, find it as amusing as James Brydges does – though I believe that to be impossible).



Progress: it’s not just the title of a Take That album

I’ve been feeling a bit lacklustre of late; a bit down, a bit dubious about my future, a bit self-critical and a bit confused.

However at least I feel as though my documentary project is starting to come together. Today I ‘bagged’ my third interview with an independent bookseller (I’m aiming to get at least 10) in Falmouth: Bookmark. I got guilt-tripped into buying a book in the process – can’t afford to do that every time. It’s ok though, I’d wanted to buy a Daphne du Maurier novel anyway. Honest. I saw the preview of The Scapegoat at the Du Maurier fest in May and thought, I really should read some Du Maurier; I’ve never even read Rebecca, and I call myself a lit graduate.

Turns out

  1. Natasha, owner of Bookmark, actually has a radio slot on The Source, where she talks about exactly what my documentary is going to discuss (that’s discuss, not investigate as I so stupidly put in my project proposal) and
  2. she told me she’s ‘very passionate’ about the topic and could talk about it for ages.


This bodes well for my doco; I’m hoping to get some good quotes from her. She immediately struck me as a straight-talking, no-nonsense kind of person. She is very direct, in person and over the phone. So, I need to make sure I’ve got good, no-nonsense questions. She also reinforced what I already suspected having done some research on my chosen subject – that independent business run book stores reflect their owners and not the public – more about that later. Whether this applies only to second-hand bookshops I will soon discover.


The day before I had also popped into a book store in Truro – Pydar Mews Books. Turns out it’s owned by the kookiest/coolest bookshop owner you could possibly imagine. I ended up having a right old natter with him and his employee about all sorts of inappropriate things, which was most enjoyable. It was nice to bond with an interviewee and bypass the awkwardness of asking someone you’ve never met before to do you a favour, for nothing in return.

Bonus – I was stated as being the youngest person in the room until I informed them both that I was 23, whereupon his employee said he thought I was only 18.

Other bonus – completely non-book related – the blonde bonneted employee turned out to be the manager of a band called The Watchmen who are just about to be signed if my memory serves me correctly. So I’m hoping to wangle an interview with them, or at least to film them in some form or another.

Other other bonus – guy who happened to be in the shop at the time, who knows the owner Adam, is something of a novice writer and has written a poem about technology taking over (which links into Kindles ect) and offered for me to use it in my radio piece.

I walked into that shop at the right time.

Adam seems like the kind of person I could easily become friends with; he’s very approachable and friendly, yet also incredibly candid and self-deprecating (both qualities I like) and cited myself as being direct, which I am when with like minded people. Hence our discussion of edit suite sex. Don’t ask.

Almost forgot to mention, he was very camp. I liked him a lot.

Natasha has the passion and blunt approach that I think will make her a good interviewee, but with Adam I have the rapport. Combined I think I’ve got a good couple of interviews.

I hope so anyway….

Track of the Week

“If I believe in heaven, I deny myself a death, dying keeps me conscious of the way I waste my breath”

Best video I have seen in a looong time and an awesome song as well, am completely addicted at the moment; had to share it.

Gunna be strutting down the streets of Kernow to this for a while… !