All You Need Is Love

And you really do – need Love.

Seriously, it’s a great album.

OK I apologise, but I have to start every blog post with some terrible pun.. I don’t even see it as an option. I think it’s due to watching too many American television series with ‘clever’ episode names that play on words. I’d give you examples but most of them would be from Gossip Girl and seeing as I’ve already mentioned Gossip Girl in another post I should really refrain. We’ll pretend I didn’t just mention it twice there.

Love is a great place to start if you’re a Beatles virgin; it’s a brilliantly executed album. The guys that produced it really know their stuff and I wish they would make another! It’s effectively a compilation of different Beatles tracks from various albums, however it fuses songs together using transitional effects and blends snippets of one song into the main body of another, integrating them so that they merge flawlessly into one another. It could only be 15 seconds of one track – at the very end or beginning of a song, and with a couple of them it really lends something extra. For example:

You all know this song but skip to 3:30 and you’ll hear something you may not recognise. What’s really great about this album and all the songs on it is that the effects don’t take away from the tracks themselves. Come Together doesn’t need any elaboration – if you were to cut it in half and whack a section of another song onto it it wouldn’t work.

But producer George Martin and his son Giles are respectful fans and do all the songs justice. I love the outro they formulate here – and interestingly enough it’s already a sort of outro in the original song. It’s quite abrupt actually (if you care to listen to it). When I first hunted for Cry Baby Cry I was hoping to hear a song which sounded entirely like the snippet you hear on the Love album, it has something wonderfully eerie about it. But alas, the clip is shorter in the original song than it is in George and Giles’s version. It’s still  a good’un though.

This brings me onto my selected Beatles track.

I was torn between the Come Together medley and the one I’ve chosen – but I decided against the former because – well I’ve told you all about it anyway – but also Come Together is one you all know.

I had to pick something off the Love album because I love it so much – ha – and although Eleanor Rigby probably rings a bell with most, I love the way they’ve merged part of another song onto the end of it so I thought I’d share it. Funnily enough I’d already heard it before I piked Love off Dad- he had Desert Island Discs on (as is standard on a Sunday morning) and the man in the hot seat had chosen this amazing song as one of his DID’s. Neither of us had ever heard it before and we were both mesmerised. Turned out to be a little track called Julia by John Lennon. Then, however many years later a segment of it turned up on this album.

You might not think it’s anything special but when it was playing out of my Dad’s massive subwoofa speakers it sounded amazing and so beautiful (it’s about his mother coincidentally). I was only about 15 or something at the time and I remember scouring the internet afterwards trying to find somewhere to listen to it again. Not sure if YouTube existed then. If it did I don’t think I was aware of it. Took me ages to find it on Limewire…

So, after much chit-chat, or typing in my case, this is Love’s Eleanor Rigby/Julia [Transition]; it blends brilliantly into I am the Walrus on the album.

Also, if you fancy it there’s a link to the entire Love album here.


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