Beetles Week

That’s right – this week I’m going to enlighten you about different species of beetle.


Poor attempt to catch your attention. It’s late ok??!

I have numerous other things I should be doing right now rather than blogging about The Beatles, but it’s twenty to eleven, I’ve been working SOLIDLY for two weeks straight and at this moment in time I’ve decided that I want to write about music.

That’s the beauty of music to me – no matter what I should be doing, how tired I am or what time it is, any time is a time I can get excited about music. It happens often and normally when I’m meant to be doing something else..

Today I am exhausted, I’ve been working all day and somehow after finishing my radio politics package instead of continuing to watch Gossip Girl (from where it froze) I started listening to The Beatles. The thing about The Beatles is there’s just so much to listen to – it takes a certain amount of dedication to find out which albums are your favourite and what Beatles era suits you best. Or whether you’re an all-rounder.

It all started with Norwegian Wood, for some reason Norwegian Wood popped into my head … and I couldn’t remember wh.. ooooh yes, that was it! The book by Haruki Murakami. I write as if this is my actual stream of consciousness but it genuinely is! Norwegian Wood is the title of a book. I know this because I have it and I just picked it up and saw the title on the cover. It was a gift from my brother. My dear friend and part-time serial frapist Patrick Clahane was looking at it the other day and it states on the synopsis on the back cover that Norwegian Wood is the name of a Beatles song.

I searched for Norwegian Wood in my iTunes and realised I didn’t have it so I searched it on YouTube and found out it was on the Rubber Soul album, which despite my dad owning a copy I failed to copy onto my iTunes (along with the White Album) when I last went home. I had both albums on my previous lap-top, before it died on me.

Now all I want to do is go home so I can put those albums on my iPod. The White Album is sensational, and costs £17.99 on iTunes.

So that’s how I started listening to The Beatles. After I listened to N.Wood I listened to every other song on the Rubber Soul album (in track order) on YouTube. My musical discoveries often go like this.. look for one song, start listening to a gazillion other songs [half a day passes by] *checks time* SHIIIT. It’s a progressive journey – I mean, I just obtained the David Guetta feat. Sia track Titanium – wasn’t sure if I liked it at first but dang it’s catchy; good to run to in the gym. I searched for it, rather than scrolling down to S, using the iTunes search bar and two tracks came up – turns out I already have a Sia song without even realising it. It’s on the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack and it’s pretty good – try not to discriminate against ‘Twi-shite’, their soundtracks aren’t half bad.

So what’s the purpose of this blog? (that’s right, several paragraphs in I’m only just getting to the relevant part.)

Well as I said; The Beatles, where do you start? There are the obvious tracks; the ones that everyone knows, but the majority of their best songs are the less well-known ones in my opinion.

And so I’ve decided to do a Beatles track of the day every day for a week. I was going to wait until Monday, but hey, there are no rules in blog world are there? Except maybe to refrain from using racism, sexually explicit material and outright death threats.

If I was a radio DJ I’d possibly get the liberty to do something like this – you know – play a Beatles track every day, but seeing as I’m not posting it on my blog will have to do.

Onto Saturday’s track (it’s not Norwegian Wood).

This was hard to choose – I could have gone for the relaxing number or the when-I-listen-to-this-I-can’t-help-but-smile-and-want-to-get-up-and-pretend-to-play-the-trumpet one. Guess which one I went for? (as a self-confessed melancholic I might surprise you.) I became familiar with this song after pinching Dad’s White album; I was at uni when I heard it for the first time and after the first listen I had it on repeat for at least a week afterwards.

If you’re walking anywhere whilst listening to this song you will need to exercise a certain amount of self-restraint not to skip along to it, and it is impossible to walk along without imagining there are a group of trumpeters following behind you.

I completely forgot about this beauty after my laptop crashed and I was forced to restart my iTunes from scratch. I’m very glad I found it again. I defy you not to like this.

You’re going to listen to it now anyway after I’ve banged on so much about the trumpets.

N.B there is also heavy use of a trombone – I don’t want to discriminate.


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