Technically…. technical difficulties


I seemed to have a serious problem with my M-Audio in that it crackled really badly – it’s not a hiss it’s an actual sound of distortion. However at the time recording it didn’t sound as bad as was.. and I didn’t think it would affect the clips I thought it was just the noise the M-Audio made. This being about my fifth one I thought I’d do the best with what I had.

For some reason the crackling is worse during some interviews than others. It deduced having the headphones plugged in seemed to make it worse so during my interview with Noah Law, which was the last one I did excluding vox pops, I didn’t have my earphones in.

Jay Schofield’s interview has the worst sound quality and I was reluctant to put his clip into my package but decided to do it in the end because I thought I needed another voice and his was a very short clip. I was sat very close to Jay, in comparison to John More, so technically his clip should have been clearer. I don’t know what the M-Audio thought it was doing but for some reason it decided to play up big time – luckily I didn’t want to use very much of that interview.

STEVE GILBERT – Steve was very media savvy, of course, and it was no problem exercising a closeness when we were sat down. It’s a good thing I did this as there is still audible crackling in his clip – but I managed to edit it out a little bit using noise reduction. I found out, after asking Patrick to listen to my package, that he used the same ‘if we can put a man on the moon’ line with me as he did with Patrick.

JAY SCHOFIELD – This was an unplanned interview, Jay happened to be there – assistant of Steve – and he’s 24 so.. unfortunately the sound quality of his interview is dire. No idea why.

JOHN MORE – Really nice guy, unfortunately as the interview went on he moved further and further away from me (as in he leaned back in his chair). It was hard to sit really close to him because I genuinely felt like I was evading his space, however I really, really should have. School boy error there, I know better. His clips needed tweaking.

NOAH LAW – Knowing, having edited some of my clips, that my M-Audio is dodgy I make sure I sit really close to Noah and I take out the headphones. This resulted in his interview probably being the clearest. Still had to edit his clips slightly because of that distortion sound but the quality wasn’t half bad.

VOX POP – My vox pop sound quality is oddly good. I did a couple of voxes in a pub and the rest on campus and all of them were fine – perhaps the background noise drowned out my crackling M-Audio, however I was really pleased about this because I thought I got some good voxes.


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