It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down (and scan that barcode) on Friday: Part 2

Today I spent the morning replenishing magazines which made me want to buy loads of magazines.. then I served on the till on the Music and Video desk. It was only a matter of time coming back during the holidays that I’d be accosted by one of the horrible ones.

And today I almost lost it.

I’m no longer used to being subjected to random people cursing at me for the way the shop’s laid out, when we don’t have something in stock or when I can’t do a return on something. People bring their anger issues into the store, are dissatisfied with something inconsequential and let rip on the only people they can: the people dressed in lurid green. You can’t take it personally and normally it really doesn’t bother me because these people mean nothing to you. But today all I could think was FUCK YOU. Excuse my language.

I feel like I don’t have the time or energy to listen to people like that any more. If she had carried on I simply would have refused to serve her.. there’s no good being nice to people like that. This particular lady (I say lady..) yelled at me as though I were her own child. I just look at her appalled before telling her that if she wished to she could make a formal complaint to customer service, though I doubt she did. If she went ballistic at me simply for having to wait ten minutes in a queue to find out something was out of stock I doubt she had the patience to queue at customer service to complain about that or me. She asked me for my name threateningly; that was the only amusing part about that meeting.

Then, after that I was discreetly informed by my Section Leader who had been told to tell me by my manager who had been told to tell me by some high-up-in-the-chain woman visiting the store that I have to wear a hair net and cap because my hair is too unnatural looking (no, it’s not funny). As if I didn’t look lame enough… words fail me. And this despite the fact that no-body, not even the manager of the entire store who has seen me on numerous occasions this week, has said it’s too bright.

What did I say in my very first ASDA post? You’re not allowed bright hair.
Well I’ve been proved right.

I mentioned this to my parents in the car on the way home, the quote from my blog and the hair story, so naturally they immediately concluded that this woman had read my blog and enacted revengeI’d like to tell you that’s a joke but genuinely that’s how their minds work. They also said ‘Laura, I think you’re time at ASDA is up.’ My parents know; the day my hair becomes an issue is the day it all falls apart.

Meatloaf once said, I would do anything for love.

I say, I would do anything to gain some extra cash (even wear putrid green) but I won’t do that…


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