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Today I interviewed History and Politics lecturer at Cornwall College St Austell John More.

He was very patient with me considering how much I probed him. I ended up having a bit of a chat with him and talking about my brother – which was nice!

John emphasised how much a lack of engagement is to blame for so few young people voting. He said

  • politicians need to make more of an effort to connect with young people
  • that they don’t do enough for the younger generation
  • that things are getting worse rather than better

I realised listening back to John’s interview that a lot of what I asked was irrelevant – however out the valid questions I did ask I got some pretty good answers, and long ones. I only really knew where I was taking my package after speaking with John. He shared the same opinion as me – that a lot of young people aren’t politically aware enough to want to vote and are generally disengaged from the democratic process. Not enough people watch the news or know enough about political parties to be able to just go out and vote.

I was beginning to think that citizenship was the answer – I still think it has the potential to work if it’s done properly, however I was of the opinion that college students would be the best people to have it, because they’re reaching the voting age.

I had in my original script, before Steve’s clip, the question of whether primary and secondary school children – as Steve mentions, would be able to understand well enough the weight of what they were learning. Primary school children wouldn’t be able to relate to politics or government strategies and would teenagers care enough to pay attention and carry the information into their post adolescent years?

However John More brought up the issue of whether college students would have enough time to do something like that – another flaw in the system. Here’s Steve’s clip again in contrast with More’s:


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