Journo to Customer servo: the pros and cons

I’m taking a one week break from journalism this Easter to revert back to my previous occupation; supermarket shop assistant (though technically its not a complete break as I have an interview on Wednesday for my politics radio assessment. But let’s pretend.)
I’ve been anticipating this return for a while; after 6 months of almost solid journalistic training I believe returning to ‘the day job’ will be a lot  harder than it was at Christmas.
I’m back for one week in order to cash in some pennies to fund my final project (and the odd beverage or 5) and I’ve decided to monitor this weeks activities via my blog.
Monday mornings at uni used to involve dashing around edit suites trying to finish TV packages and post-Christmas have meant hard sessions in the MA newsroom fraping, sending emails, telephoning people and drinking copious amounts of tea. Tomorrow, aside from talking to people on the phone, will be very different.
After spending a whole year doing nothing else but working part-time at my local supermarché and making the transition back into uni (which I’m not ashamed to say I struggled with at first – it’s hard to tear yourself away from your routine and a regular income to a house of people you don’t know in a town you don’t know) I’ve mulled over the obvious differences and the inevitable pros and cons of both vocations.
Get ready for some epic whining, philosophising, diplomacy and incredulity. Emotions you can expect to look forward to include frustration, ire, thoughtfulness, ennui and jubilation (that one’s reserved for home time only). It’s time to bring out the big guns: it’s time to put the putrid green shirt on.

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