TV Assessment Pt.3

With my package pretty much done and 5 days til the assessment deadline, I weighed up the option of attempting to get a different interview. However with my radio interview organised for Wednesday and no radio package at all so far, I decided to be sensible and stick with what I had. The shots I’d got on Monday and Tuesday were geared towards and complimented what Richard said in my 2nd interview, and doing another one might mess up what I had so far so I stuck with it.


On Friday I went back to my package for a re-edit. Now I had more time, there were certain things I wanted to alter and at 2:41, it was also too long. Changes and things I took into consideration were:

  • cutaways, there were a couple I wasn’t happy with that I took out and a couple that I juggled around. When editing I wanted to get the pictures to fit the words as best I could- particuarly because the subject of my package wasn’t exactly rivetting; I wanted to get as many good shots in it as possible, and ones that helped tell the story.
  • something I forgot about, that I really wanted to put in after I remembered (but which would have meant scrapping my entire sequence and starting again) was when you have the overlay of audio over image. I wanted to have Gill Grant talking over the zoomed out clip of Penryn before she appeared on screen, but I only remembered about this technique too late. I attempted to do it, and flukely managed to get her first utterances ‘I, er’ in there, but that was the best I could do. If I was to do it again, that’s a technique I would have used.
  • I chose to re-do all my voiceovers. Writing them was a lot easier than it has been in the past for other projects. When I was out taking shots I was quite conscious of how they were going to fit into the package and tell the story- I guess because this package is something we had complete control over, rather than working on it with others. Some people do their voice clips first, so that you can put in your video clips accordingly, others do it last and edit around them. I did it half n half. I put in a rough outlay of clips, and got around the risk of them being too short by simply making them longer. Then you can always chop them down. I also re-did my initial voiceover because I’d phrased it ‘Penryn Town Councillors approve 7 new student flats‘ which isn’t accurate. They can give their approval but they have no authority to authorise actual builds to go ahead
  • The sound in my package which went out during The World Tonight was really bad. The levels were all over the place; my voiceovers were too quiet, so I made sure to rectify that when I re-did them in the studio. I also upped Richard’s levels, though unfortunately it resulted in a bit of a hiss during his clip.
  • I would have liked to have subtly increased the brightness of the clip with Gill Grant however I had no idea how to do it and I completely forgot to ask Pete.
  • My piece to camera: this ended up coming out because it just wasn’t needed and watching the package back I was merely repeating a lot of what I’d said in my opening sequence. Seeing as I had my cue still to write, it was the sensible thing to do. Otherwise I ran the risk of two much repetition. Writing my PTC was done in a bit of a rush and at the time I didn’t consider what I could say about the story that was new. Removing my PTC also decreased the length of my package significantly, getting it closer to the time frame I needed.

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