Radio Assessment Pt.3


When I got back to uni and listened to my audio I was really annoyed and disappointed because my levels were low, despite doing everything in my power to get good sound. I regretted giving my original M Audio back, because although it was faulty, the sound on it had always been ok.

I wasn’t sure whether to find another second interview after listening to the one I did with Neil Roach, and I think this is where I lost touch with the assessment brief.


Though we knew the news story only had to be in some way related to the EU- once you have someone talking to you about it, your mind lapses, and I began focusing on Convergence Funding rather than making the package about something actually news worthy. Unfortunately I realised this too late. I was able to change my cue, as I’d left finishing that right up until the last minute, but it wasn’t until someone else said ‘I’ve just realised my radio package doesn’t actually have anything news worthy in it’ that I thought.. oh crap.

Convergence Funding has been around for years, but it’s so easy to get carried away with your material (particuarly when the information is all completely new to you), that I’d forgotten this. I’d originally started off wanting to make my package about 4G and faster internet being more accessible and available in Cornwall. That was the news, that was my story. However when I’d asked Julian Cowan about it, what he had to say was only really how it works, nothing on how it tied in with their programme. Listening back to the audio from his interview and Neil’s, I thought that Cornwall’s poor economy was the most interesting thing that was said and would be the most interesting to listeners. I ended up scrapping my initial story. I sort of lost my way a bit..

Your package wasn’t meant to be interesting it was meant to be news worthy, and there was nothing new about my story. It’s one of those classic scenarios. You get carried away with something and forget what you’re meant to be doing.


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