Radio Assessment Pt.2


Out and about in Redruth.

I checked all the settings on the M Audio on the train and had the levels right up. I had a lot of time to spare so I also wrote my questions, with my printed out articles in hand, that morning. I asked a few questions about the EU, but also about the company and 4G internet- as this is what the Western Morning News article had covered. At this point in time I didn’t know what my angle was going to be.

I met the loveliest bunch of people imaginable in Redruth. Everyone I spoke to was ridiculously nice. I found out which bus I wanted to get from the station to get to Poole and met a really nice lady who didn’t know where the nearest cash machine was (because I foolishly had no change for bus fare) but who asked the driver to wait for me! I also met a Camborne Cornwall College student who I now have on Facebook! If I can network as well with people in the industry I might be alright!

Lesson number one: always get to your destination in good time. I had 45 minutes to get from Redruth to Poole, which is aaages, however there were roadworks on the route there and when I arrived at my destination I didn’t know which building I needed to go to as there were a lot of them, and I ended up turning up just ten minutes early, rather than half an hour early like I thought I would.


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Everyone at Superfast was really nice, including my interviewee Julian Cowen, which was good. I felt quite at ease sat in his office and after testing his levels (which were fine according to the M Audio) I kept the levels turned up and moved right in for the interview! Cowen was fairly softly spoken, and after having gotten too low a levels in my previous radio assessment I was very conscious about getting it right this time. Plus Mel stressed that non perfect levels would be unacceptable. Well…

  • The mic was held right.
  • Was in the right place, under his chin.
  • Could not have been any closer to his mouth without trying to make him swallow it. We were sat in a great position, at the corner of the table so that our chairs were right next  to each other, but so that both party was comfortable.

I carried out the interview technique we’d been taught to perfection (and it made no difference) *see post production

After taking copious pictures and also chatting to Matt Silver, who gave me his business card and went to Falmouth uni and did a BA in Journalism! I asked if Cowen (though it was a long shot) knew of anyone else relating to Superfast Cornwall that I could speak to. He suggested people I could speak to over the phone, which was no good, but then he said that another EU funded project were based right next door. I went there not expecting to get anything, but completely out of the blue that turned into my second interview.


Head of Partner to Succeed, Neil Roach, was soo obliging; the entire office was, considering that I just waltzed in, no warning, with a mic and recording device.

It amazes me how helpful and willing some people are in comparison to how against talking to you others can be.

Neil explained how Convergence Funding works and drew some diagrams for me. Which was very helpful!

free notepad!

drawing number 1

drawing number 2

After he’d been explaining how the EU works for a while I knew I should take the initiative and ask him if he’d mind me recording/interviewing him. I didn’t know if I was going to use it for my package, or if it’d be relevant, but I was there and these people had welcomed me into their work space. I’d also learnt my lesson after missing out on an interview that has stared me right in the face, for my tv package.

There was no separate room in Partner to Succeed’s office, so when someone started talking on the phone I requested we go somewhere quieter. Unfortunately there was nowhere! We moved to a seating area which was quiet, until the automatic coffee machine started humming, so Neil searched for a vacant room. Unfortunately he didn’t have access to any of them with his card, so we moved one floor up to the next seating area, which was fine until people started walking around below us, in high heels, chatting. Neil was such a good sport- we re-did the answer regarding Cameron and what would happn if we were to pull out of the EU (which I really wanted to get) several times, until we had to give up because lunch time was approaching and it was starting to get noisier.

Neil gave me a lot of his free time which I was grateful for, and I just hoped the background noise hadn’t been too bad or too frequent in case I wanted to use any of the audio.

The journey back was frustratingly long.. the bus showed up only 2 minutes after I reached the bus stop, but when I got back to Redruth station I found out the next train to Truro wasn’t for another  hour, and when I got to Truro the next train to Falmouth wasn’t for 40 minutes! I didn’t want to hang around the train stations so I did a lot of walking around. I’d not been to Redruth before and I guess you could say I made the most of it!


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