Radio Assessment Pt.1



For my radio assessment I trawled through the thisiscornwall website in order to find a story that was EU related. When I saw the one to do with Ofcom and Superfast Cornwall, I immediately went for it and emailed them. Having emailed Thursday morning and not heard anything back I gave them a call Friday afternoon and spoke to a very nice receptionist who said someone would read my email and get back to me.

Now, a lot of people that say ‘we’ll get back to you’ actually mean ‘we’re going to pretend you never called.’ So I was concerned. It was now the weekend and so I had to play the waiting game- which is one of the worst things, I’ve discovered, about being a journalist.

Thankfully I got an email back Monday aftertoon saying YES! All I had to do now was figure out how to get to Pool Innovation Centre from Falmouth. I pondered over what to do for my 2nd interview; I had considered the manager of a phone shop or the like, to talk about 4G, but I thought I’d go and talk to Superfast first, as that might give me an idea of what direction I wanted my radio package to go in and who to talk to.

Looking back I should have got an interview with someone about 4G anyway. Best to give yourself as many options as possible, plus, as you will see reading my postproduction post, I shot myself in the foot a little bit.


I didn’t enjoy doing my radio package as much as I would have liked.. my M-Audio had a loose connection and so I swapped it for a different one at the Media Centre. I took it home Tuesday evening, the night before my interview and charged it all night. When I went to switch it on the next morning I discovered it was completely duff. Dead to the world. Broken. Crap. I wasn’t much amused. Luckily, Emma Fry had offered to lend me her M-Audio  the night before, should there be anything wrong with the new one I’d gotten out, as she was with me at the time. I walked to the train station via her house,worrying whether the battery was going to last the day- fortunately it was fine.

Part of me thinks I should have got a new M-Audio out sooner and not as I was leaving uni at 8:15 at night, the night before my interview. But another part of me thinks broken things should be separated from working things, rather than just lumped together in the same box.

I’m going to be paranoid about things working in future.


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