TV Assessment Pt.2


The whole of Monday morning was spent trying to get a 2nd interview. I went down every avenue I could, I rang estate agents, I rang Pound&Co, I rang The Falmouth Packet to ask them if they knew anyone I could speak to (or who might be willing to speak to me) to give me another angle on the story, however they just suggested the two other councillors who voted against the planning application. I rang them after finding their contact details online but both their phones were turned off and went straight to answer phone. Pound&Co said they’d call me back (but I could tell it was a no half a minute into the call) and Millers Countrywide told me to call them back later on in the day.

In the mean time I went into uni to upload Saturday’s footage. I connected the camera and ‘CARD ERROR’ in hostile red letters flashed up on the screen. Shortly afterwards I discovered that the memory card had randomly wiped itself for absolutely no reason. That was disaster number one. At this point I had no interview and neither did I have enough shots, so when James offered to drop me in Penryn on the way to Helston for his interview I accepted. I called Millers and gave them my number and they said the manager would give me a call back…

In Penryn I re-did my shots, though it had started raining so it was a tad tricky and seeing as Millers Countrywide was right there I popped in (knocking my massive tri-pod against the door upon entering in classic fashion) but was told by the scary-looking manager that she had no time whatsoever and that I’d have to book an appointment for the end of the week, which was obviously no good. She recommended I try Heather and Lay by the traffic lights, so I walked down only to be told the same thing.

At this point it was about 3pm in the afternoon and conscious that I still had no second interview I started to panic and realised that Richard Wilkins (what a good sport he is) might be my only possible option. I really wanted to get someone outside of the uni, however time was running out. With this in mind I realised I was going to have to alter my story slightly to make it focus more on student accommodation and housing rather than commercial spaces.

I walked up the never ending hill on the way back to uni and took some shots of the new student accommodation build next to the train station, whereupon an 11 year old girl with the oddest spelt name I’ve ever heard and that I don’t remember-  though I remember she said it was Cornish- offered to help me. Sometimes people surprise you…
She had fluorescent yellow gloves and told me she liked photography and asked me if uni is expensive.

I got back to the media centre and wanted to get some shots of student accommodation but by then it was properly raining and getting dark, so I retired back to my edit suite to upload my footage.

Before doing so I rang Richard Wilkins who was away that day but who, perhaps after hearing the sound of desperation in my voice(!), either that or my persuasive powers, agreed to do an interview 9o clock Tuesday. Relief.


Disaster strikes twice. I connected up my camera and dragged my clips into my hard drive (thank god that was the first thing I did..) but they wouldn’t open up in Avid. We tried accessing them straight from the camera only to find… the memory card had wiped itself again.

Then I broke down.

I’d been traipsing around in the rain, lugging a load of heavy camera equipment around, redoing shots I’d already done once only to lose them again. And I was really happy with the shots I’d got. I was a bit of a state. It felt like everything was going wrong.

I did the best with the shots I had and put together a rough sequence, but I was pretty sad. Needless to say I got out another camera and memory card.

Tuesday I did the interview with Richard, after I sorted out the minor technical issue of someone having turned the sound off on the camera options (you never think of these things, though I will in future) asking him questions geared towards the animosity between Penryn and the student community, in order to get the angle on the story that I wanted.

Then I got shots of students and accommodation around Tremough campus.

I knew Pete was in Tuesday so I asked him about the footage I’d lost that wouldn’t play into Avid, as everyone had told me he’s a miracle worker. To cut a long story short, Pete saved my life and I love him.

With all my footage now restored and in my bins, I was able to put my package together. I was worried that I would struggle, or more likely fail with James being away doing the job of editor all day and no-one able to help guide me through the complexities of Avid, however I amazed myself in that I was fine and managed to figure out how to do it all by myself. I found out that mastering all the different video tracks and options, once you get to grips with the basics, is just common sense.

Laura  1
Avid    0

I was pretty chuffed to have my package finished by half 1, which is why it was so frustrating when it wouldn’t export… but that’s another Avid story for another day.

Lessons learnt so far:

✔ always/always/always save all your footage onto your hard drive from the memory card, rather than working off the camera (otherwise I would have permanently lost everything when the card wiped itself)

✔ that a P2 camera is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get, and you need to check them before you start filming everytime.  You turn them on and things may not be as you want them to be, but not to panic, because somewhere externally or internally there’s the option for you to change it

✔ that you can film, do the sound and interview all at the same time but it’s not easy, and if someone is softly spoken, even if the levels look fine when you check them, you may want to raise them just in case (as mine turned out to be too low)

✔ don’t leave getting your interview til so late if you can help it… start trying to get something sorted ASAP, don’t leave it til the last minute


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