2012: Fresh start, new blog!

We’re already 10 days into 2012 (scary right?) and I’m writing my first WordPress blog of 2012!

I’ve shamefully, shamefully (twice for reinforcement) neglected my WordPress blog the last couple of months. You’d think that writing/talking about yourself and what you’ve been up to would be simpleess and take hardly any time at all, but this is so not the case! Particularly when you’ve got to upload and configure and compress audio, video and image files constantly in order to make your blog in any way interesting or relevant or aesthetically pleasing.

Putting up a picture of a giraffe simply isn’t good enough.

For the record that took me about 20 minutes to draw and upload (10 minutes was spent choosing what font to use for the word giraffe) but all in all the giraffe image took considerably less amount of time than uploading some audio onto soundcloud and then from soundcloud onto my blog:

OK maybe not… well technically that little box there did take me 20 minutes, but that’s because I tried using Soundcloud first, which frankly, is complete pants. Thanks to Lisa-chicken-Stephens I discovered how to upload using Audioboo. SO MUCH EASIER! Took me 2 minutes. I cannot believe I have actually learnt something really useful today! 😛 haha.

So, if I insert my pre-written cue:

(don’t fret it’s not real news)

There has been an explosion at Stamford Bridge during Chelsea’s match against Arsenal. The police say the incident is being treated as a terrorist attack, however are unable to give more details at this time. So far up to 15 people are believed to be dead and many more injured. Our reporter Laura Feltham is at the scene.



There you have an uploaded and finished (though a bit rubbish really) rap!! Or for you simpletons out there, a radio cue and audio clip with a bit of extra talking ;D

The giraffe is looking less impressive now isn’t it? Unless you happen to think my Paint skills are exemplorary and my radio skills crap, but I’m going to assume you don’t think that … perhaps I should hold a poll. I’m sure there’s some way of doing that on your blog but I wouldn’t begin to know how.

This is probably very confusing to read methinks, but I guess the point I was trying to make is that I can’t just upload pictures of amusing animals to my blog in order to keep it interesting, but that if I could life would be a lot easier and I would blog a lot more often. However then I proved myself wrong.

I think I should change subject.

Today I did a rap (which is what that mock news story & audio up there is for) which I’d completely forgotten how to do, because it requires a certain odering of information. So, more for my own benefit than yours- because if I blog about what a rap comprises of then I can access it on my phone and from a computer when I forget(!) – here is what a rap is:

CUE – this is what the Radio Cornwall/ Radio 1 Newsbeat/ or Pirate FM presenter will read out.

REPORTER intro – this is you telling your listeners where you are and what’s happening around you, whether it’s the London Riots, Charlie’s new chocolate factory or in a field in Berkshire for a Gusiness World Record attempt at the largest ever foam party.

CLIP – this is your interviewee, telling you about whatever it is you’re reporting on, e.g. falling into a river of chocolate and getting stuck up a pipe

REPORTER outro – this is you rapping up the story. You need to end it in a way that sums the story up or leaves it open if it’s news that isn’t ‘over’.

In Augustus Gloop’s case, after your clip of his mother saying ‘I hate that man! Because of him my son suffered horribly, I will never forget today!’ you might rap it up by saying ‘though all the children invited to Charlie’s factory suffered trauma in some form or another, most of them remained unscathed and without purple skin. As to whether Charlie will invite any more children into his factory in the future, it remains to be seen. Laura Feltham, reporting for Cornwall Crunch Radio.

Tada 🙂

Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. Those who persevere, teach themselves!

I think that’ll do for my first blog of ’12. See you next time folks!

Lil’ miss Liz x
Or to quote James ‘Lil’ Lozzaaar’ *in the worst Cornish accent ever*


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