Assessment Nov 4th (2)


Generally the interview went just fine- Mark Kaczmarek was of course very professional and incredibly nice. Naturally though mistakes were made..

✎  Despite having had good levels for previous interviews, I seem to struggle with the quiet ones.. my levels are fine because I have a very loud and high voice. However in my interview in the workplace, the sound coming from my interviewee was a bit too quiet as she was a soft speaker; similarly I found this to be a problem with Mr. Kaczmarek. Despite turning the levels up and being in a quiet location and holding the microphone in the right place, his levels were far too low. I could tell straight away that he was a quiet speaker however I wasn’t prepared for him to sound quite as quiet as he does on the actual audio. In retrospect I should have sat closer to him. There is a distinct hiss on his speaking clips… and this is if I could turn back time moment number one.

✎ One thing in particular, which has stuck in my mind quite prominently out of all the information George, Charlotte and many others have overloaded my brain with these past weeks, was George saying:

❝You need to listen

If you don’t listen to your interviewee’s answers, you may miss something really important because you were too worried about asking your set questions. I’ve applied this to my interviews as much as possible; however I still made a bit of an error when it came to my listening skills… Mark Kaczmarek’s answers were very long winded and drawn out therefore it was quite easy to lose sense of what I had asked him.

I asked whether the majority of the restored houses were going to go back onto the housing market which he never actually answered- as in yes or no.  Ironic seeing as my question was a closed one and he didn’t give a closed answer (something which I also might add, we’re not actually supposed to do). But then, in certain instances yes or no is the answer you want, which I guess applied to me in this case. I never actually got a definitive answer (and I didn’t try to get one because I failed to spot that).

It’s quite disconcerting how much you notice sat on your computer chair with your headphones on, that is completely oblivious to you during the actual interview. Mainly because you realise how many mistakes you’ve made!!

✎ The interview was conducted in a sort of large communal area (which was mostly empty when we began the interview). For the most part it was quiet, however there were moments where people were laughing in the background and doors were shutting. Fortunately this didn’t happen very often. There is one swoosh of the door at one point in the clip, though I hope it’s not obviously noticable. As I’ve already mentioned Mr. Kaczmarek was ever the professional- and before I could ask him to repeat part of his answer at the point when the laughter rang out from behind us, he was already stopping and waiting for them to stop making so much noise, before repeating his answer for me.

In control
(if Tim Hubbard had seen him stop the interview for me, oh how disappointed he would have been!)

How hard it seems to be aware of yourself, your questions, their answers and the background noise! All in time though right?!


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