Assessment Nov 4th (1)


So, this week was our first assessment. It’s been a bit of a challenge if I’m honest. Not in regards to the actual interview itself- that was pretty simple- but from trying to prevent the task from consuming my entire being! Way more hours have been spent in the MA Newsroom editing than they should have been. The problem with doing your interview 4 days before submittance is that though it gives you plenty of time to finish, it also gives you plenty of time to read your cue over and over again and listen to your audio again and again.. (and again).

Rule number 1 regarding this type of assessment: fastidiousness, meticulousness and perfectionism is just crazy.

My opinion of my work definitely improved as I was editing it. I was initially passionately despondent about my interview for several reasons. I am still immensely disatisifed with it; c’est la vie. Let me explain:


I initially emailed Cornwall Council which was an incredibly foolish idea; they took 4 days, I think it was, to get back to me. I really don’t know why I emailed and didn’t just ring straight off! In the mean time I rang Devon and Cornwall Housing based at Penwith and spoke to Richard Turner who referred me to somebody else because he dealt more with Devon housing (rather than Cornwall). The lady I needed to speak to wasn’t at the office that day though so that’s when I rang Cornwall Council.

I’d left my phone number with Richard Turner, who said the lady in question would call me back the next day, however after ringing the council I managed to secure an interview with the housing cabinet minister Mark Kaczmarek (which I later had to reschedule!

After having a heavy Google sesh using the tips Charlotte had given us about how to use search engines adaquately I found a story in The Guardian online about the council introducing interest free loans and compulsory purchase orders regarding unused houses in

Cornwall which led me to discover the council’s Empty Property Strategy. Rather than concentrate on second homes- which I knew a lot of other people would be covering, I decided to do my interview around this.

And so I went to researching!


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