My Weekend

I’ve ummed and arred about how to make the perfect blog, i.e. one that is interesting & organised & aesthetically pleasing, however have come to the conclusion that my brain just doesn’t function in a way that allows me to figure out such things.

For example, there have been many blog worthy quotes I could have delighted you with from this weekend, except that I’ve forgotten them all..  and the only one I do vaguely remember is slightly inappropriate. I say slightly.

I’ve decided that bullet points are definitely the way forward though, but rather than stick with a weekly rendition of interesting on goings I’m going to vary it depending on what I’ve done or what I’ve heard or said that’s been most interesting. Such as this:

‘Cakey’ occurrence of the week– 3 free beer vouchers from a man dressed as a (very convincing) woman at the Oyster festival. For future reference cakey is a term I picked up from my uni housemates meaning fluky or lucky, but with a you’re-so-annoying connotation. Like when someone throws a ball down a bowling alley in the most artless and cringe worthy fashion but manages to get a strike after you effortlessly throw yours and hit two pins.

So, I’ve devised a strategy! Let’s see if I can stick to it. In order to add some context to my bullet points here’s a quick update into my shenanigans over the past few days. Quite simply, this weekend was brilliant! Caroline and I failed to make our Truro shopping trip however we had a blast at the Oyster festival despite initially starting out a bit nervous about having to interview people. I managed to fight through my dire cold which left me feeling like a cripple on Friday night- though I might add that I currently cannot breathe through either of my nostrils at all so there are some germs to battle yet.

We interviewed the lovely man dressed as a woman, some people with stalls in the marquee, some drunk and merry lads (a few of whom ‘LOVE SHUCKING!!’ oop just remembered a quote!) and a few bystanders, then in the evening indulged in some drinking games at my flat. Sunday was spent sleeping (for the most part) then back to the Oyster festival to buy some goodies and treat ourselves to an unplanned and rather satisfactory dinner comprising of award winning fish and chips! Not bad. And so this leads me to my first highlight:

Best meal of the week– fish and chips from Harbour Lights. For £4.95 you can’t go wrong. For a small portion it was huge and the view outside the window was simply lovely.

Impulse buys– all the Xmas presents I bought at the festival for people (don’t judge me). I’m a buy it when you see it kinda girl! Plus the gooseberry and elderflower jam I bought for myself, a ‘gothy’ ring and a turquoise bangle.

Interesting things learnt in and outside of the classroom
-that rape by a husband was only deemed unlawful and allowed to be acknowledged as rape as late as 1990. Before that time a man could not rape his wife…
– that cheating on your partner with the opposite sex is adulterous and can be used as a grounds for divorce, but cheating on them with the same sex is not.
-that the Queen’s favourite breakfast is cereal.
-that shucking is the term for de-shelling an Oyster

Lemsips taken– 3

Nicknames given- ‘hotpants’ to Miss. Caroline English

Unusual occurences
-having a sea shanty sung to me by 3 guys in Rattler t-shirts
-witnessing a drunken guy sleeping on the ground outside my flat and watching him being helped home by a passing friend, only to find him right back outside my flat by my back door a couple of hours later
– eating an oyster (for the first time) !!

Music most listened to
-Dionne Warwick
-The Beatles
– Maroon 5
– the crap that Sam was playing in the flat last night !!

Strangers spoken to– more than I care to think of!!

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