Future prospects

So I’m laid up in bed sneezing with tears running down my cheeks, liquid streaming from my completely blocked nose and my scarf wrapped tight around my neck ! How disgustingly graphic. However I’ve got a nice cup of PG Tips and am reading the ‘about’ sections on presenters at The Source fm, which Caroline and Patrick and I hope to soon be broadcasting on! Have to say- the ones I’ve read so far are brilliant, though probably because they’re written by kids!

Definitely going to be checking out Curry and Cleverly from 6pm tomorrow evening. They’re so your stereotypical teenagers; quotes from their personal section include:

‘We started off in this crazy old show business as just a couple of kids talking about random stuff with nobody listening, and ended up as two teenagers talking about random stuff with nobody listening’
‘Tell us about your first car
Jack: made out of lego, ran pretty well until i stepped on it.’

Ahh lego… I still love it a little bit. Caroline, Patrick and I are hoping to do an artsy farty show where we review local bands playing in and around Falmouth- I’m also keen to do an album review of the week, which would involve playing some tracks off of a brand new album and talking a bit about it. Or maybe shake it up a bit and review some classic albums as well that people may have forgotten about such as Parklife by Blur, and revisit the reasons why they were so successful and what’s still great about them today! And what are the band members doing now? Everyone loves hearing about washed up pop stars! What d’you reckon?

I’m thinking for the first review: Spiceworld.
I know that’d go down well.

In fact what about Steps? They’ve made a bit of a comeback haven’t they? Their album is currently number 1. Though can I just say that it is a bit of a cheek because they’ve already released a greatest hits album. What does this one, ‘The Ultimate Collection’ offer that the last one ‘Gold Greatest Hits’ doesn’t?

Take it one step further (no pun intended) they both even have the same amount of tracks on! Note for anyone considering buying the new Steps album (it’s ok, really, I won’t tell anyone)  just buy the old one- it’s got exactly the same tracks on it and it’s exactly half the price of the new one. I even checked on Play.com. Yep, if anything I’m thorough. In fact it makes you wonder about the astuteness of the general public- to buy something which technically already exists and costs a lot more money? I thought we were in a recession, yet people are buying Steps CDs?! Then again I forgive anyone for being less knowledgable than myself about Steps’s discography. Clearly I know too much.

Oh and in case you were thinking that I’m listening to Steps right now, I’m definitely not. And I definitely don’t still have their old albums at home either ….

I’m glad we cleared that up.


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