An education in Plastic Pollution


So, bright and early Saturday morning I did my research, composed my questions and in the afternoon went out to do my interview about an environmental issue and I have to say, was extremely lucky, because I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Clare Thomas- and what a lovely couple of hours it was. Oh if every interviewee should be so friendly and willing!

My interview with Clare- an MA student studying Art & Environment at Falmouth uni- involved walking to the beach, sitting on the beach and then walking through Fox Rosehill Gardens, which if you’ve never ventured in, are completely gorgeous. I decided to do the interview on the beach because the environmental issue Clare was going to be talking to me about was Plastic Pollution; the littering of plastic expendables on beaches.

I’d never been to Gylly beach before and it was lovely. I can now quite happily state that I have conducted an interview whilst sat on the sand. Perhaps not the most practical approach.. but very au natural!

After the interview Clare showed me some of the litter she’d been talking about and demonstrated how a beach may look clean to you and I- but to the trained eye, plastic debris can be found everywhere.  Foam, fishing line, lolly wrappers and cotton wool buds can be found in abundance. One of the most intruging and bizzare things we discovered and which apparently is very common, was a Solero ice-cream wrapper (if mine eyes didst not deceive me) which someone had taken the time and effort to fold into a knot, but not throw away… (as displayed by the pictures that I will shortly upload).

It was certainly an educational trip and it was good to be able to see exactly what Clare had been telling me about as well hear about it. Consequently you can have a look at exactly what Clare gets up to and the crazy quantities of litter she finds by visiting her blog

I’m a newbie to Falmouth, however Clare has lived here for a while now, and after telling her about how much I enjoy reading a book on the beach and hearing that my house doesn’t have a garden, she offered to show me Fox Rosehill Gardens on the walk home, which are adjacent to Woodlane campus.

Now you understand why I was so lucky.

For my first proper interview, it couldn’t have got much better. The weather was good, the company was good and the subject matter was engaging.

This week I can safely say that I have rammed my brain with more information and worked it harder than it’s been worked in a loooong time.



Plastic Pollutionby Laura Elizabeth Feltham


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