So, this week has felt a bit uneventful to be honest- even though it really hasn’t been. I guess in terms of the monumental and ridiculous amount of things we’ve achieved and learned in the past two weeks, this week has seemed pretty tame! The things that really stick out in my mind aren’t really very blog-worthy (or maybe appropriate is the better word..); like the fact this morning Sam, Caroline, Parky and I spent hours wondering around looking for a house- where there was supposed to be a party happening- that we never actually found. And when I say hours… I mean hours. I have definitely never walked that far in heels ever.

In other news I dyed my hair and got it cut, made 17 cupcakes in one sitting and blew my nose about ten million times.

However I did also go to my first Radiowave meeting- which was very exciting. I’ve got so many ideas for my one hour show ! And next week we’re going to be shown how to use the desk in the studio, which is ironic because my entire course this term is based around radio and working in the studio!!

I also had to interview someone again this week for editing Monday. This time the interview had to be conducted in the workplace, with a news worthy angle. By some stroke of luck my attention span (which has surprised and impressed me since starting this course- normally I find it hard to concentrate on anything for longer than a couple of minutes) actually worked in my favour. I remembered us missing a local story in our daily news bulletin that featured in Radio Cornwall’s 10 o clock news about Falmouth and the high street, so naturally- as I live on the high street- I decided to my interview with an independent business owner and tie it in with the Save the High Street campaign. I initially wanted to do it at Falmouth Booksellers as I discovered the Booksellers Association have recently published a survey about the decline in book shops, however they said no… I also emailed a restaurant owner beforehand who had posted a comment on the Save the High Street Facebook page; however they never got back to me.

I ended up getting an interview with the owner of March Hare clothes shop, which was good- though there was a lesson to be learned during that interview…. despite my error I did at least practice and succeed in the art of how best to interview someone! The doodle pictured below demonstrates the correct technique (it is a very technical and detailed drawing so don’t worry if you can’t interpret it- it took me approximately 2 hours to draw).

As ever (I say as ever, this is only my second week in) I will bullet point the interesting and random occurrences of this week! First off:

►Verbs created from the word blog: blogtastic, bloggerific, blogify, blog-off

►Best meal of the week:
Harry (my housemates) spag bol. OMG. Delish!

►Unusual occurrences:
walking around for more than 3 hours in the middle of the night in Falmouth with no idea of where I was going.

►Things learnt in and outside the classroom:

that going to a Beer Festival at 6 in the evening, sober, is like walking into a brothel for women.
that Falmouth has shops that sell vinyl!!
that when an interviewee asks you to go through your questions before commencing recording but then starts fully answering the first question before you’ve officially started the interview, that you need to politely interrupt them and ask if they’d mind if you started recording, and not be a pansy like I was! Otherwise you lose all the good material +__+
that emailing businesses doesn’t get you very far and contacting people by phone is much faster and more logical.

►Best buys:
1 teddy bear hat, 1 cameo necklace and 2 bags from New Look that were not only reduced by 30% (for the bags) and 50% (for the necklace) but that I also got student discount on! AMAZING. Not to mention the 20% student discount I got on my hat. I ♥ you Peacocks!

►Incredible realisations:

that I have not bought one chocolate bar since arriving in Falmouth! But that I have made 17 chocolate orange cupcakes, one tray of chocolate brownie, one walnut and coffee cake and 5 cupcakes.
that 2 months ago my life was in no way interesting or eventful enough to write a blog (though I don’t want to flatter myself) and that if I had written a blog it would have been entirely about how rubbish working at ASDA is.. yet now I’m constantly out doing new things, learning new things and meeting new people; life changes so quickly it’s scary, yet equally incredible.

►Music most listened to:
The Hours
everything on my ‘How to Disappear Completely’ playlist, a collection of the most melancholy and sombre tunes! My music choices have been a bit depressing this week.

New music discovered:
Explosions in the Sky


Future prospects

So I’m laid up in bed sneezing with tears running down my cheeks, liquid streaming from my completely blocked nose and my scarf wrapped tight around my neck ! How disgustingly graphic. However I’ve got a nice cup of PG Tips and am reading the ‘about’ sections on presenters at The Source fm, which Caroline and Patrick and I hope to soon be broadcasting on! Have to say- the ones I’ve read so far are brilliant, though probably because they’re written by kids!

Definitely going to be checking out Curry and Cleverly from 6pm tomorrow evening. They’re so your stereotypical teenagers; quotes from their personal section include:

‘We started off in this crazy old show business as just a couple of kids talking about random stuff with nobody listening, and ended up as two teenagers talking about random stuff with nobody listening’
‘Tell us about your first car
Jack: made out of lego, ran pretty well until i stepped on it.’

Ahh lego… I still love it a little bit. Caroline, Patrick and I are hoping to do an artsy farty show where we review local bands playing in and around Falmouth- I’m also keen to do an album review of the week, which would involve playing some tracks off of a brand new album and talking a bit about it. Or maybe shake it up a bit and review some classic albums as well that people may have forgotten about such as Parklife by Blur, and revisit the reasons why they were so successful and what’s still great about them today! And what are the band members doing now? Everyone loves hearing about washed up pop stars! What d’you reckon?

I’m thinking for the first review: Spiceworld.
I know that’d go down well.

In fact what about Steps? They’ve made a bit of a comeback haven’t they? Their album is currently number 1. Though can I just say that it is a bit of a cheek because they’ve already released a greatest hits album. What does this one, ‘The Ultimate Collection’ offer that the last one ‘Gold Greatest Hits’ doesn’t?

Take it one step further (no pun intended) they both even have the same amount of tracks on! Note for anyone considering buying the new Steps album (it’s ok, really, I won’t tell anyone)  just buy the old one- it’s got exactly the same tracks on it and it’s exactly half the price of the new one. I even checked on Yep, if anything I’m thorough. In fact it makes you wonder about the astuteness of the general public- to buy something which technically already exists and costs a lot more money? I thought we were in a recession, yet people are buying Steps CDs?! Then again I forgive anyone for being less knowledgable than myself about Steps’s discography. Clearly I know too much.

Oh and in case you were thinking that I’m listening to Steps right now, I’m definitely not. And I definitely don’t still have their old albums at home either ….

I’m glad we cleared that up.

My Weekend

I’ve ummed and arred about how to make the perfect blog, i.e. one that is interesting & organised & aesthetically pleasing, however have come to the conclusion that my brain just doesn’t function in a way that allows me to figure out such things.

For example, there have been many blog worthy quotes I could have delighted you with from this weekend, except that I’ve forgotten them all..  and the only one I do vaguely remember is slightly inappropriate. I say slightly.

I’ve decided that bullet points are definitely the way forward though, but rather than stick with a weekly rendition of interesting on goings I’m going to vary it depending on what I’ve done or what I’ve heard or said that’s been most interesting. Such as this:

‘Cakey’ occurrence of the week– 3 free beer vouchers from a man dressed as a (very convincing) woman at the Oyster festival. For future reference cakey is a term I picked up from my uni housemates meaning fluky or lucky, but with a you’re-so-annoying connotation. Like when someone throws a ball down a bowling alley in the most artless and cringe worthy fashion but manages to get a strike after you effortlessly throw yours and hit two pins.

So, I’ve devised a strategy! Let’s see if I can stick to it. In order to add some context to my bullet points here’s a quick update into my shenanigans over the past few days. Quite simply, this weekend was brilliant! Caroline and I failed to make our Truro shopping trip however we had a blast at the Oyster festival despite initially starting out a bit nervous about having to interview people. I managed to fight through my dire cold which left me feeling like a cripple on Friday night- though I might add that I currently cannot breathe through either of my nostrils at all so there are some germs to battle yet.

We interviewed the lovely man dressed as a woman, some people with stalls in the marquee, some drunk and merry lads (a few of whom ‘LOVE SHUCKING!!’ oop just remembered a quote!) and a few bystanders, then in the evening indulged in some drinking games at my flat. Sunday was spent sleeping (for the most part) then back to the Oyster festival to buy some goodies and treat ourselves to an unplanned and rather satisfactory dinner comprising of award winning fish and chips! Not bad. And so this leads me to my first highlight:

Best meal of the week– fish and chips from Harbour Lights. For £4.95 you can’t go wrong. For a small portion it was huge and the view outside the window was simply lovely.

Impulse buys– all the Xmas presents I bought at the festival for people (don’t judge me). I’m a buy it when you see it kinda girl! Plus the gooseberry and elderflower jam I bought for myself, a ‘gothy’ ring and a turquoise bangle.

Interesting things learnt in and outside of the classroom
-that rape by a husband was only deemed unlawful and allowed to be acknowledged as rape as late as 1990. Before that time a man could not rape his wife…
– that cheating on your partner with the opposite sex is adulterous and can be used as a grounds for divorce, but cheating on them with the same sex is not.
-that the Queen’s favourite breakfast is cereal.
-that shucking is the term for de-shelling an Oyster

Lemsips taken– 3

Nicknames given- ‘hotpants’ to Miss. Caroline English

Unusual occurences
-having a sea shanty sung to me by 3 guys in Rattler t-shirts
-witnessing a drunken guy sleeping on the ground outside my flat and watching him being helped home by a passing friend, only to find him right back outside my flat by my back door a couple of hours later
– eating an oyster (for the first time) !!

Music most listened to
-Dionne Warwick
-The Beatles
– Maroon 5
– the crap that Sam was playing in the flat last night !!

Strangers spoken to– more than I care to think of!!

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The bus journey home

This poem is quite delayed in being posted as it was started a few days ago, however it seems a shame to disgard it amongst the other unfinished dittys I’ve written- and I’ve set myself the task of writing a poem a week (along with doing a painting a week and making a cake a week) so I’ve attempted to finish it, seeing as I failed to make a cake OR paint anything 😛


For myself and Miss. Fry and Caroline English
our bus journey home surmounted to this:
Caroline slumped on the end as if dead,
not a word nor a sentence was uttered or said.
The clock played its part in her degradation
and by 5pm she needed resusitation.
As for Emma and I- we could have been stoned,
laughing and cackling the entire way home.
Delirious fatigue had set in like a tonic;
a mental fix to our tiredness so chronic.
I made funny noises, I made little movements
I behaved in a way that was far less than prudent.
A wonder the driver did not kick us off
he could have at ASDA, we stopped long enough…

The pinnacle point was the topless old man
cycling past with his lovely tan.
We got over excited because Emma cried
‘there’s a naked man in front on a bike’ !!
Turns out he was clothed- at least down below
but it left us in stitches; our maturity shows.
By the time the bus stopped and we went to alight
the passengers must have thought we weren’t quite right!
Though the laughing fits were a great release
to another intensive and sleep deprived week!

So be warned if you travel on bus 68,
the one that takes ages and that’ll make you late,
should you witness hysteria within the vicinity
it’s the postgrads- your future TV personalities!

An education in Plastic Pollution


So, bright and early Saturday morning I did my research, composed my questions and in the afternoon went out to do my interview about an environmental issue and I have to say, was extremely lucky, because I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Clare Thomas- and what a lovely couple of hours it was. Oh if every interviewee should be so friendly and willing!

My interview with Clare- an MA student studying Art & Environment at Falmouth uni- involved walking to the beach, sitting on the beach and then walking through Fox Rosehill Gardens, which if you’ve never ventured in, are completely gorgeous. I decided to do the interview on the beach because the environmental issue Clare was going to be talking to me about was Plastic Pollution; the littering of plastic expendables on beaches.

I’d never been to Gylly beach before and it was lovely. I can now quite happily state that I have conducted an interview whilst sat on the sand. Perhaps not the most practical approach.. but very au natural!

After the interview Clare showed me some of the litter she’d been talking about and demonstrated how a beach may look clean to you and I- but to the trained eye, plastic debris can be found everywhere.  Foam, fishing line, lolly wrappers and cotton wool buds can be found in abundance. One of the most intruging and bizzare things we discovered and which apparently is very common, was a Solero ice-cream wrapper (if mine eyes didst not deceive me) which someone had taken the time and effort to fold into a knot, but not throw away… (as displayed by the pictures that I will shortly upload).

It was certainly an educational trip and it was good to be able to see exactly what Clare had been telling me about as well hear about it. Consequently you can have a look at exactly what Clare gets up to and the crazy quantities of litter she finds by visiting her blog

I’m a newbie to Falmouth, however Clare has lived here for a while now, and after telling her about how much I enjoy reading a book on the beach and hearing that my house doesn’t have a garden, she offered to show me Fox Rosehill Gardens on the walk home, which are adjacent to Woodlane campus.

Now you understand why I was so lucky.

For my first proper interview, it couldn’t have got much better. The weather was good, the company was good and the subject matter was engaging.

This week I can safely say that I have rammed my brain with more information and worked it harder than it’s been worked in a loooong time.



Plastic Pollutionby Laura Elizabeth Feltham